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What’s Up With That? Juno Edition

The Junos. The watered down version of the US’ Grammy Awards.  I had fairly high hopes for this year, what with Shatner hosting (does this guy ever slow down?!) and some great performances.  And I wasn’t disappointed. Much.

However, the Album of the Year was awarded to Michael Buble. For his Christmas album.

What. The. Fuck?

A truly worthy What’s Up With That?! moment.

Although, it could have been worse… Nickelback could have won it.

And thanks to Biebs, Sheepdogs and Buble for dialing it in with their acceptance speeches. Biebs was short and indifferent; Sheepdogs were so badly dubbed it was hysterical and Buble.. he loves Christmas. Goody.

High points included Deadmau5, Dallas Green’s performance, Feist’s performance and even Hey Rosetta performing Welcome (so many memories of that song…). Shatner was classic. Low points included Nickelback’s entire performance. And Sarah M. destroying Blue Rodeo.

Well played Canada. Mostly.

Junos: The Final Frontier

So. Bill Shatner is hosting the Junos.  It was once joked (during his roast, if I’m not mistaken) that he is a bit of a whore-type star who is willing to appear in anything.  Okay. Plausible.  That said, Shatner is a Canadian icon and has delivered some much-needed hype to Canadian music awards that often hardly register as a blip in the television universe.  Hell, a re-run of some terrible Real Housewives of (insert city name here) would have likely garnered more viewers.

But Captain Kirk is ours, for one night.  It is said that he won’t sing.  It is said that he won’t live up to the hype. But what I won’t dispute is that his hosting-ability, no matter how bad or good (and I hope it is bad – in a good way) has given the Junos a boost. As has some great Canadian music (although, like any award show, there is sure to be a superfluous smorgasbord of insipid pop-crap to endure).

I’ll be live tweeting the Junos (@Betty_Beat). I’m very likely to be doing so with drink in hand and having endured an entire day of a little Beat’s Princess birthday party.  Expect sarcasm.

Until tomorrow night, here are my Top 5 Shatner Sing-a-Long Songs.  Because, as expected from Shatner, it is all uber-cheese and fun as hell.

#5: I am Canadian

An oddity. It’s not a song.  It’s more of a rant; a fabulous take on Shatner’s patriotism.  Fitting for his hosting the Canadian music awards. And full of hilarity. As he always is.

#4: Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds

One I found on a whim. Perfect because Lucy, the littlest Beat, celebrates her birthday on Monday. I thought it highly apropos that this song made the list for no other reason.  Plus, the video is trip-happy-psychedelic goodness.

#3: Bohemian Rhapsody

Oh, memories of Festivus… the video makes this song. Shatner sounds so damn sad. I almost shed a tear (not really.. only if I was giggling so hard I cried..). Although Shatner’s face in the sky seems more like a bad acid flashback. Creepster. I do like how the lyrics are there though. Helps me sing along.

#2: Fuck You

I. Can’t. Stop. Laughing. This is why I love Shatner.

#1: Common People

By far, the best Shatner cover, in my opinion.  Likely because I love the song.  Maybe because it is a shared enjoyment as well. A multitude of reasons, however, it is a kickass cover that I love. And very deserving of the top spot.

William Shatner is 81 years old. It amazes and awes me that the man still sings and performs (although I’m sure some would argue he’ll do anything for a buck…). I am ecstatic to watch him host the Junos tomorrow. So forget that typical Sunday programming you’ll usually watch. Simpsons is likely a re-run. Game of Thrones?  Yeah, exciting, but PVR it. Check it out with us and let us know what you think.

Live long and prosper.

Festivus (for the rest of us)

ImageThere was no airing of the grievances (unless you count lamenting the sheer amount of cheese and carbs consumed).  There was no Festivus pole (there was, however, a Roaming Fuck You introduced as a tradition). But Festivus, a tradition of epic proportions, was nothing short of a success.

Amazing how often music came into the conversation.  The only aired grievance was the debate over Weezer and Lila’s continued mockery of my lack of Radiohead inclusion in the Hall of Fame List.  And perhaps my own aired grievance of my dislike of Damien Rice. All made better by the yelling of “SAIL!” and combined admission that, yes, we kind of do like AWOLNATION. Music was shared and I even have a video of an elusive Keanu Reeves appearance.

Many thanks to Deb (hostess with the mostest to be cliched), Soph (my favourite Frenchie), Lindsay (purveyor of smoke and creamsicle jello shots), Nom (I love when your guitar gently weeps) and, of course, Lila. Nary a troll to be found this year, but the laughter more than made up for it.

Now, I’d like to present the Festivus 2012 Soundtrack.  Our night sounded a little something like this:


Weezer – My Name is Jonas

Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance

Florence + The Machine – Shake it Out

Digital Daggers – New York New York

Jeff Beck Featuring Imogene Heap – Dirty Mind

William Shatner – Bohemian Rhapsody 

Dave Grohl – He taught us how to write a hit song…

Many thanks to my favourite women, who always know how to make me laugh, make me think and share a deep love of great music, fabulous drinks and enough cheese to constipate an entire small country. Well played, Festivus Friends!

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