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The Whimsical World of Gnomes – Naomi Brinkhof


Naomi Brinkhof is an award winning multidisciplinary artist who resides and creates in her home studio, Nom’s Home Studio, in Muskoka Ontario, Canada.

NOM -0005

She has created a world, surrounded in the beauty of nature, that helps elevate her inspiration and drive her creative forces. Her world is gnomes and her whimsy is clever and completely genuine. Here is a what she says about her art, her environment and what keeps her in this whimsical world:

“My creative process usually starts in the middle of the night causing a lovely week long bout of insomnia. I tend to be an over thinker (aren’t most artists?). I will be laying in bed trying to figure out all logistics, colours choices, mold shaping, production timing for hours before my feet even step into the studio. Once in the studio, I start laying down my jumbled night time thoughts into something tangible and workable. I work in a variety of materials in a variety of ways. I am a painter and printmaker as well as a production artist. When I paint I know i’m creating one of something, I can go over design layout and colour choices for days before I actually put paint to canvas. With my production work I need to design something that I can make over and over again. Sometimes by designing a basic sizing mold or by figuring out the ‘pattern’ of making it by hand so it is made in the most efficient way possible, a part in the process that I take great pride in. Which you need when you’ve made your 400th plus of something.


My working environment is small and cluttered, but that’s how I like it. Every single part of the little studio room is used. Who’s kidding who, my whole house is now part of the environment, much to the shagrin of husband? It is a bit of organized dusty chaos sometimes driving me more or less crazy with its small stature, but it what I have and one day I plan to have a bigger studio – but I wonder if my creative process will be the same? Most artists made do with what they have, they make it work, there is no choice. So with music playing and my view of my yard I create, and the world around me transforms into a whimsical garden of gnomes.


NOM -0008


Art is to me is someone’s creation. What connects me to someone’s art is just that, a connection. I find the connection changes all the time, depending so much on mood, history, technique, colour, what you had for lunch…constantly changing. What appealed to me when I was younger may not now, nor what I like now might appeal to my older self. I consider myself both an artist and a crafts person. I have found that some artists don’t see the credibility of the crafts person which saddens me. Some of my work may not be as emotionally driven, (what making naked gnomes in leafs isn’t emotional?) but there is still an element of design, colour, technique that applies in all creative processes that should be considered when looking at work.”


Naomi (or Nom as she is called most often) can be found on Facebook @ Nom’s Home Studio. Give her a LIKE on Facebook and watch for details on her Etsy Store opening later this month!


Nom’s gnomes travel all over the world – here is Tobia’s the travelling gnome’s facebook back – follow as he does a cross-Canada trek! https://www.facebook.com/groups/420373981428790/

From his stop at the Confederation Bridge!

Or send her an email at nomshomestudio@gmail.com

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