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What kind of fan would I be…..


If I didn’t blog the release of Ryan Star’s new music? The Animals EP is set to release on August 5, 2013. Pre-order available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/animals-ep/id677958252

I’ve been slacking on blogging and I apologize.

Ryan uploaded what I gather will be the next single “Impossible” to YouTube for a full listen click below!

And a Billboard article to boot! http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop-shop/4439958/ryan-star-impossible-exclusive-single-premiere

So here we go again – new music, new hair do (or lack there of on Ryan’s part) and a new trip to NYC in August for the ‘release shows’. Unfortunately this time around Betty can’t attend. An RStar virgin is in for a treat – she’s going to have to bite the ‘bullet’ and enter a ‘world I used to know’ and hope that I am not ‘f*ckn up’ the train schedule to get is in the city on time for the shows, those schedules are ‘impossible’ to decipher and clearly ‘my life with you’ blog readers is important so I promise to blog more.

Enough with the CHEESE….now go listen and pre-order….and if you are going to Joe’s Pub or the Rockwood please introduce yourself. I’m Lila and my sidekick this time will be a tall blonde.


If you listen to one thing this weekend…

… make it Alabama Shake’s Hold On.

I like coincidences.  Often small, seemingly incongruous bits of life that happen in tune with other people.  Most won’t notice them. Rarely you come across those who, like you, observe and revel a bit in the little coincidences.  You’ve probably had it happen – simultaneous song listening, texts that say the same thing sent randomly at the same time,  thoughts spoken at the same time.

This is how I found Alabama Shakes.  I was delegated to give them a listen for judgment.  Upon doing so, I was overwhelmed with how great it was.  And promptly do what I do – share.  As I did, Lila retorted with a gleeful “fuck off!” since she had just listened and shared the same song herself.  It seems that everyone was talking about Alabama Shakes over the last few days.

Rightfully so.

So if you listen to anything new this weekend, listen to this.  A well played coincidence.

And since it’s the weekend, I thought I’d also share the free download of their EP (Hold On, of course, is on there): http://alabamashakes.bandcamp.com/album/alabama-shakes-ep

Sharing Garbage – Free Download

Free download from Garbage of their new single ‘Blood for Poppies’.  New release ‘Not Your Kind of People’ available May 14th.

Garbage – Blood for Poppies




Share Day! A Threesome

After Lila shared RStar’s new EP, I immediately became addicted to his Tom Petty cover, I Won’t Back Down.  Extremely nicely played.

Following this share from Lila, I discovered that the interminable Johnny Cash had also covered Tom Petty (noted during a heated debate at work over rights and ownership of the song, to which I admitted defeat at the hand of someone’s innate ability to Google.. I conceded gracefully of course…)

Imagine my delight to discover one of our favourite bands, Company of Thieves, had just shared their own take on this classic song.

So, I’m sharing. A veritable buffet of cover.  The original followed by the covering threesome.  See which you like best of the bunch. Comments encouraged and, as always, appreciated.

Tom Petty

Johnny Cash

Ryan Star

Company of Thieves


(I’m sharing the link for CofT only – please visit the site and “heart” the cover if you love it as we do – help them reach their goal of #1.. then go like them on Facebook and check them out – an amazing new find for Lila and I several months ago.. they are on high rotation ’round these parts)

Happy Share Day!

p.s. Two huge upcoming blogs I’m working on – the first a review of a great new find delivered from an amazing new friend made via RStar Part Goo.  The second, a gauntlet thrown. I believe it is made of steel.  A work-in-progress, it has kept me inordinately busy during a somewhat lonely and cold week.  Intrigued? Stay tuned…

Bohemian Café & Gallery – A Night Out

Ventured out with Nom again this week to the Bohemian Café & Gallery where she displays her fine fine gnomes and her fine fine paintings.  This cool little gallery in sleepy little town of Bracebridge (only sleepy in the off-season) has been having music nights over the last little while.  As you know Nom & I ventured into town for Folk Thief and My Boy Rascal a while back, we did the same last night.

The band ‘Faraway Neighbours’ dubb themselves ambient folk.  I think they got that right.  It was a sleepy night in the sleepy town and I will hazard a guess that the well-intended potential show-goers stayed home thinking they might melt from all the rain.  The trio played, to us, the sleepy ‘crowd’ that are not related to the wicked witch of the west.  I for one am always glad to get out for a fun and frolic with Nom and I bought myself a CD to support this trio of young men as they travelled home and dark and dreary night.

I will give the CD a proper listen soon enough, but for now I thought I’d give them some blog love and give you a chance to hear this fine trio from North Bay.

Streaming Here:



Share Day – Out of This World

Lila posted a song a little while ago courtesy of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour The Golden Age. It was a song featured on the Heineken commercial. Interestingly enough, my favourite summer carpool guys noted that they wondered who sang the song one night and were shocked and in awe when I whipped out my trusty iPod and played it for them. (thanks be to Lila for the introduction)

Today’s share is Major– a new release and free download from The Asteroid Galaxy Tour’s upcoming album, Out of Frequency.

Aside from the funkadelic 70s throwback sound that Major showcases, there is more intrigue than just fun music with wicked vocals. It’s the marketing behind getting their new single heard. When you hit the site to download the single, you’re faced with an interactive request – social network sharing. Each tweet or share on Facebook awards you a slow striptease of the album artwork. Once you’ve revealed it (it is rumoured, I’ve yet to complete this step…), you are rewarded with new content from the album

Nothing short of genius. Not only does the musical side of my brain love the song (it’s the horns – a throwback to my trumpet band-camp days, I suppose), but that oft-forgotten advertising and marketing side of my brain relishes the thought of incentive-based sharing for fans. Clever.

Well played!


And for those who may have missed this the first time around, my original introduction to TAGT, The Golden Age, Unplugged version:

Share Day! Skag Barons

I’ve always held a special liking for local talent. There’s something to be said for knowing that what you’re listening to comes from a place so close to home. I think my first taste of this was when The Gandharvas hit the music scene while I was in high school. It’s always a kick when people you know (or people you know of because of people you know – that said, Jud Ruhl did once give my brother guitar lessons…and I was introduced to the Gandharvas when they were The Droogs) are the ones you hear on your circa-90s “ghetto blaster”, played at top volume. My appreciation of music found in my own backyard continued during my years in Northern Ontario (North Bay, to be specific) when I met High Holy Days, had an opportunity to see them live in various formats and may have to admit to a brief “groupie” style enjoyment of one of their previous members.

Today I’m sharing Skag Barons. Based out of London, this fairly new group provides a sampling of 3 songs on their website (always a plus in my world).

Admission: I haven’t given the songs a full listen. They’ve only just been loaded on my iPod. I’m going to spend a bit of time tonight with their music plugged in. I don’t even know if I’ll like it. But finding out is all the fun of new music. I’ve also just shared this with my cohort, Lila Lyric. I’m curious to see what she thinks as well. Who knows – Skag Barons may just be our new summer obsession.

So, hi, Skag Barons. Nice to meet you. Let’s see what you’ve got.


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