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Share Day!

We like to share. And not in a “share my feelings and thoughts” kind of way – if we’re going to do that, we’ll bribe our friends with good music first.

Today’s share for me is Gambit. Lila Lyric is to thank for my love of Gambit. In large part, Gambit was the driving force behind my part of the NYC Overnight Adventuring (aka Who Needs Sleep?). Introduced to me in the fall of last year, I immediately downloaded their EP and have had it as part of my soundtracking for months. Even better? My 9-year old now sings “This Town” in the shower. Classic. Good taste is inherited. Even better than that? Lila Lyric and I dolled up in our old wedding dresses, running amok in Toronto, tagging the shit out of everything we could stick a sticker to in support of the band. I still maintain my goal is to tag random stationary objects at work with Gambit stickers.

Toyotas need good music too, right?

Based out of Long Island, NY, Gambit dubs themselves as “sincere electronic pop”. Seems about right, but there is a bit of an edge there, reminiscent of the indie rock I seem to gravitate toward that made the EP irresistible. And, although, their songs are sing-worthy on my iPod, they are far more of an experience when you see them live.

I could go on incessantly about how happy I was to find Gambit. How fabulous they are live (the Webster Hall show blew me away). How ecstatic I was to hear a new song (“I’m Sorry” – you can listen to it on their Facebook page). How you should clicky-click the link below, download the EP (free!), tell your friends, go see them live (truly worth it, but I maintain Lyle et al should be headed north for a show…) and enjoy.

I could do all of that. Instead, I’ll just share.


Lila Lyric Footnote: Lyle and his entourage are super fabulous people and I’ve been haunting him since since his Cortez the Killer days with ex-Stage member Justin Parker.  Gambit’s “Maybe” is constantly in my ear “Don’t you keep your feet on the ground”.  Maybe makes me run faster, it makes me keep my head up in the clouds because where else would you want to be?  It’s the inspiration from this song that has made me reach out for things and given me hope that life doesn’t have to just be bareable it can be exticing and fun too.  Much love Lyle ~ Lila

It’s like a p.p.s: Since we’re discussing lyrical thoughts, I’ll counter Lila’s choice in Gambit’s “Maybe” with the line I like best:  “Maybe we hear the warning, but follow our calling anyway.”  It always reminds me that karma/fate/happenstance/what have you only takes you so far.  At some point  you have to make your choices, even when nothing is certain.  Sometimes you just gotta jump to know.  Maybe. ~ BB


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