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Not Elective

Rather than coming up with a clever song for today, one that adequately showcases my, at times, impatience with our current democratic model, I’m simply going to use one word: Vote. It’s not a song, it’s not even a lyric. It’s not anything worldly or deep. It’s simply your right. Use it.

Today, I use my voice, not so much for singing loudly in the shower to myself, but, rather to express my thoughts and beliefs in the form of walking into a public arena and checking a box.

Do you know how many people have said, “Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote”? (or some variant of that quote) Enough of the ambivalence and excuses. You can’t affect change if you don’t even show up.

Don’t rock the vote, rock YOUR vote. Besides, all the cool kids are doing it.

Politically Incorrect

Most of the time I prefer my music without a heaping blatant side dish of politics.  Some politics.  Okay, mostly just Canadian politics.  In this case, since I’m mocking it, I’ll play the musical politic game.  Just for today.  Mostly because it is shift-switch week and between spending four non-production hours in a classroom trying to stay away by alternatively kicking my own self under the table and yawning for increased brain oxygen (no, really, it wasn’t because I was bored.  I swear!), I’m feeling a bit lazy for a Monday.
Let the mocking ensue.
Picture this:  Chad Kroeger from Nickleback and Stephen Harper.  Cuddly.  Cute.  Kind of like that picture of Harper with the kitten.  Only slightly more nauseating.
Aside from Gravol, laughter seems to be a good cure for nausea.  In this case Graeme Phillips’ report for nowtoronto.com on the musical reaction to said photo during this year’s Juno Awards.  Funny shit.
Highlights include: the sheer look of “Hat the Fuck?” from Sarah McLachlan and both comments from Holy Fuck and Fucked Up (How have I never heard of these two bands? Hilarity.  Off to YouTube.)  Skip Jim Cuddy’s PR-spin bullshit.  It’s sweet and nice and typically Canadian (read: too polite for our own good).  In my opinion, he sounds like a press release.  Yawn.  There I go again.
Check it out.  A snerkeriffic Monday:
p.s. If Stephen Harper wins the election and has Nickleback write a new National Anthem, do you think I could flee my home country and claim refugee status elsewhere?  I can claim “irreconcilable creative differences.”

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