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Saturday’s Shazam Six

Saturdays I rise early and head to the gym. The air temperature has dropped in the last day and created some wicked fog for my sunrise drive. Inspired to get off my butt and blog for you!

I use Shazam on my iPhone. It’s a great tool not just for finding out ‘who the hell sings that’ but to make lists of songs you don’t want to forget about. I can glance at my stereo while driving and see the name of an artist or the title of the song….but do you think I’d remember the next time I was sitting in front of a computer to check on on the net? No, I only remember useless information and crazy obscure pop culture references. So I use Shazam to list artists and songs I want to jump into deeper and explore.

Today’s Six contains a high concentration from the East Coast of the USA. Three of these bands are Brooklyn based, a fourth is based in NYC, only one from across the pond and the sixth from Portland. This was not intentional, just sifting through the songs on Shazam and these are all new(er) to me and worth mentioning here. Brooklyn is the clearly the Mecca for ultra-cool indie music…..at least statistically speaking from a Beat & Lyric point-of-view.

My Saturday Shazam Six:

1) The one and only band not hailing from the US in today’s list. The xx, a London band that jumped on my radar in the last month. They’ve been around since 2009 and are set to release their second studio album on September 11. Here is ‘Chained’. Also check out ‘Island’ from their first album, it’s dope.

2) The other band not hailing from the greater NYC area is The Chromatics. I may have blogged this one before, but it’s worth repeating. This Portland Oregon band have been around since 2001. Their fourth studio album “Kill for Love” was released in March of this year. Here they are doing Neil Young’s ‘Into the Black”

3) Jumping across the coast we have DIIV from Brooklyn. I don’t know much about this band other than a quick glance at Wikipedia. I only Shazamed this song this morning! If you know them, or do any research on them let me know….I’m feeling lazy. Here is “Doused” from their current album ‘Oshin’

4) The White Rabbits are based in Brooklyn, but originally hail from Missouri (I wonder when they made their pilgrimage?). The song here “Temporary” is from their 3rd studio album “Milk Famous” which was released in March of this year.

5) The Walkmen (not to be confused with Canadian band The Walkmen) were given a shout out this month on the blog as the were the opening act for Florence and the Machine. The band has members based in both Brooklyn and Philadelphia. They’ve been kicking around the scene awhile, since 2000. This is the title song from their May 2012 release (and their 7th studio album) ‘Heaven”

6) My final Shazam Six for today is Dirty Projectors. Might I add that I love this band name. Again with Brooklyn. They have been around since 2002, and any band that has the courage to release an album (as quoted from wiki) ‘The album is an attempt by band leader Dave Longstreth to remember and reinterpret the entire Black Flag album Damaged after not hearing it for almost 15 years.’ gets a nod from me. Here is “Gun Has No Trigger’ from their July 2012 release “Swing Lo Magellan”

So there is my six. I’d love to know your thoughts on these six. Hopefully you discovered something new today 🙂


Share Day! Skag Barons

I’ve always held a special liking for local talent. There’s something to be said for knowing that what you’re listening to comes from a place so close to home. I think my first taste of this was when The Gandharvas hit the music scene while I was in high school. It’s always a kick when people you know (or people you know of because of people you know – that said, Jud Ruhl did once give my brother guitar lessons…and I was introduced to the Gandharvas when they were The Droogs) are the ones you hear on your circa-90s “ghetto blaster”, played at top volume. My appreciation of music found in my own backyard continued during my years in Northern Ontario (North Bay, to be specific) when I met High Holy Days, had an opportunity to see them live in various formats and may have to admit to a brief “groupie” style enjoyment of one of their previous members.

Today I’m sharing Skag Barons. Based out of London, this fairly new group provides a sampling of 3 songs on their website (always a plus in my world).

Admission: I haven’t given the songs a full listen. They’ve only just been loaded on my iPod. I’m going to spend a bit of time tonight with their music plugged in. I don’t even know if I’ll like it. But finding out is all the fun of new music. I’ve also just shared this with my cohort, Lila Lyric. I’m curious to see what she thinks as well. Who knows – Skag Barons may just be our new summer obsession.

So, hi, Skag Barons. Nice to meet you. Let’s see what you’ve got.


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