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40 Songs of Lila Lyric

When hitting a milestone like 40-years-old it can either consume you with thoughts of getting old or it is just another day in your life. I am Team ’73 and this is our year. I won’t say that I’m consumed with the fact that I’m turning the big 4-0, but I’m also not letting it be just.another.day. I want to recognize the years I’ve lived through and what better way to do it than with music!
These are songs that shaped me, songs that had impact on my 40 years of life. They are certainly not my favourite songs and some I even despise *cough*manilow*cough*, but when researching songs released in each year I chose the one that jumped out at me. I went through the songs from each year when I was younger and selected songs that I may not remember in that year, but perhaps later discovered. They were songs my parents were listening to on 8-track in the big gold Thunderbird, they were on the turntable in the basement rec room, they were songs my mother would play on the piano and sing horribly out of tune too.

So here they are in chronological order. Enjoy my 40 songs in all shades

1973 – Elton John “Crocodile Rock” – this song was on a children’s LP that I had later in years and I adored this and would constant play this over and over again.

1974 – Barbara Striesand “The Way We Were” – one of few songs I learned on the piano, because my mother made me!
1975 – Glen Campbell “Rhinestone Cowboy” – I blame all country songs that I know on my grandfather! He was not a glittery cowboy but I think he influenced my mother who then in turn influenced me.

1976 – Barry Manilow “I Write The Songs” – pure torture. I hate this song, but I had to hear it when all I wanted to listen to was Sesame Street Fever. My mother was evil 😉
1977 – Rod Stewart “Tonight’s the Night” – Rod was a staple growing up. I still like his raspy voice.
1978 – The Bee Gees “How Deep is Your Love” – the be all end all of music according to my father. Ask me anything Bee Gees related. Barry Gibb to my father is Ryan Star to me. Nuff said.
1979 – Billy Joel “My Life” – lip sync duo with Kevin, my older brother from a K-Tel album that had this song …it was the first song on the second side of the LP…..the album cover was green. I’m such a visual person!
1980 – Queen “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” – I wanted to put ‘Another Bites the Dust’ but that would be the Queen song for my brother’s list. This isn’t my favourite Queen song but I do like it’s groove.

1981 – Rick Springfield “Jessie’s Girl” – Yep. I was born at the perfect time to be one of those Rick Springfield lovers. I thought he was soooo cute, but I was more drawn to Bull Terrier on the cover of the ‘Working Class Dog’ LP.
1982 – Olivia Newton-John “Physical” – so many to choose from this year, but I had the headband, my mother refused to buy me the leotard. Smart woman.

1983 – Musical Youth “Pass the Dutchie” – don’t judge me….81, 82 and 83 were me discovering music on my own with no parental or brotherly influence. Honestly though, I think this was the beginnings of my diversity in music. Such a rap/reggae influence right? 😉

1984 – Van Halen “Jump” – the beginning of the metal years, thanks to my bro. We were just like every other kid jumping from the couch to couch playing this song, swinging out arms playing air guitar.
1985 – Metallica “Fade to Black” – I’m still not over Cliff Burton and still angry that Jason Newstead left the band. Love the bass players, no longer care about the rest of the band!
1986 – Run DMC “Walk this Way” – I was deep in Metallica at this point but intrigued and fascinated by rap, and when Aerosmith did this song with Run DMC it took my breath away.

1987 – Beastie Boys “Fight for your Right to Party” – nuff’ said.
1988 – Leonard Cohen “First we Take Manhattan” – I remember watching the video for this song on Much Music. I wasn’t sure I like the song at that age, wasn’t sure what is was, who he was, but I remember it vividly and came back to it years later.

1989 – The Cure “Pictures of You” – The Cure hold a special place in my heart. My first concert – CNE Grandstand – 8th row center – I could see Robert Smith’s sweat drip from his brow.
1990 – Jane’s Addiction “Three Days” – The 90’s were a great era for Team ‘73ers. A time of self-discovery. Perry Farrell had much much influence over me. Ritual De Lo Habitual is still part of me.

1991 – REM “Losing My Religion” – Again, the age of video. I can visualize this entire video in my head. The song is still great. I am not a fan of REM post Out-Of-Time though. Automatic For the People did so well and people love it, but it bores me.

1992 – Pearl Jam “Jeremy” – Eddie Vedder what a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man. He booted me in the head once – he was crowd surfing and Steph (another Team ’73) and I bounced around the mosh pit.
1993 – The The “Love is Stronger than Death” – god I love this song. If you haven’t heard it go listen. Hell listen to the entire Dusk album.
1994 – Tori Amos “Cornflake Girl” – Girl Power.
1995 – Radiohead “Fake Plastic Trees” – oh Thom thanks for coming out. Thanks for being a staple in my life for 20 years.

1996 – The Wallflowers “One Headlight” – this is likely not the best song Jakob Dylan has ever recorded, but I still throw this one on my running playlist. It still has a hold on me.

1997 – Hanson “mmmmBop” – i put this in to see if you are still reading….actually it’s Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” but I didn’t want to repeat a band 😉
1998 – Matthew Good Band “Apparitions” – this is my CRTC Canadian Content. No, I do love Matt Good and thankfully he continues to put out great music!
1999 – Moby “Natural Blues” – how can you not crank this tune and drive fast?
2000 – Coldplay “Yellow” – I’ve always had a thing for Brit Pop. Coldplay are like U2, they are consistent and well loved by the masses. This song reminds me of the favourite yellow t-shirt I once had.
2001– Nickelback “This is how you remind me” – this is only here for the pure fact that it showed that 2001 and was a terrible year in the history of music. Ick.
2002 – Damien Rice “Cannonball” – and we recover with Mr. Rice. “O” is a fantastic album, and it needs to be listened to from beginning to end.
2003 – The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” – this is where I begin my love affair with a weirdo.
2004 – The Killers “Mr. Brightside” – I don’t care what you say this is the best running song ever.

2005 – Imogen Heap “Hide & Seek” – Oh the song from The OC (as show I never watched). I love Imogen and her weird hats. Especially love her collaborations with Jeff Beck.
2006 – Ryan Star “Back of Your Car” – and so it begins. Rockstar Supernova airs and I fell hard. I know that BOYC isn’t a 2006 song, but it is for me. I don’t think it was Ryan’s first original I had heard, I looked him up previously to him rockin’ it out on the show – but I chose it here because I love every form of this song I have heard. I adore Ryan acoustic, on the piano and being all mellow – but I love love love when he gets all nasty and rocks it out.
2007 – Radiohead “Reckoner” – Radiohead swooped in and stole my soul in 2007 with this song, this album.
2008 – Portishead “Magic Doors” – brilliance comes around again! I chose this song because the beeping at the beginning. Every time it came on in my car I thought my car was alerting me to something wrong. Every.Time.
2009 – Florence + The Machine “Rabbit Heart” – Lungs is a great album and this song is my favourite. The lyrics are fabulous.
2010 – Ryan Star “Breathe” – A worthy repeat of an artist wouldn’t you say? 11:59 was released in this year and I may have listened to it a wee bit.

2011 – Bon Iver “Flume” – I know Bon Iver puts people to sleep. I was being put to sleep from early on in the release of this album. I also adore Peter Gabriel’s cover.
2012 – Jack White “Love Interruption” – This song makes me appreciate a different sound out of Jack, also makes me want to have love bite me, and slam my fingers in a doorway. Kinky.

2013 – Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Sacrilege” – can’t get enough of this song so far this year and anticipate the album release later this month!!! Woohoo new music!

There were so many songs I could have chosen, so many that had impact in certain years and then there were years where pickings were slim! So odd. There are artists that didn’t even make the list, like Peter Gabriel, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Love and Rockets, Iron Maiden to name few. I wouldn’t call this my Top 40 songs, as there are many songs that were made pre-1973 that I adore, and there are likely many songs released in one year that would fill spots.

So as I prepare to turn 40 in 2 days….I do hope to remain young at heart in my music tastes. Is that possible or am I delusional?


11 Songs for the 11th Hour

The Rapture, The Apocalypse, The End of the World.  If it happens tomorrow than you have tonight to listen to these tunes, in that 11th hour.  I did nott want to post the typical ‘Eve of Destruction’, ‘It’s the End of the World as we know it’ tunes, I dug a little deeper.  I also used my infinite ability to tie Ryan Star into a blog post, it’s my super power and  I bare proudly!

1) Here’s Where The Story Ends – The Sundays

A band from the 90’s, Harriet Wheeler has a cheerfully delightful voice but this song is dark.  The story may not be the end of the world, in this case it reads as the end of the ‘fling’ or ‘relationship but to some (especially teen girls) a relationship ending is the end of the world!

2) The Four Horseman – Metallica

Kill ‘em All is still one of my favourite LPs, thanks to my brother.  I have a soft spot for hardcore/thrash metal and Kill ‘em All was the introduction.  Having seen Metallica live numerous times pre-Black album gives me street cred right?  “Time, has taken its toll on you, the lines that crack your face”  This line hits home for me.  Wrinkles are cropping up as I turn the corner into a new decade of age, I welcome the end of the world!  Rock on!

3) All Along the Watchtower – Bob Dylan

This song haunts me.  Both Bob’s original and Jimi’s cover.  I give credit here to Bob Dylan as he wrote the lyrics.  The song is poetically dark, the fog roll in as you listen, gloom and doom is near as …”the wind began to howl”

4) Earth Died Screaming – Tom Waits

I’m pretty sure that Tom Wait’s vocal chords have already been through an apocalypse and survived…..just barely.  If you are labeled ‘experimental’ as an artist I’m damn sure you are going to be singing about death and destruction and Tom Waits delivers with Earth Died Screaming.  The end of the world happens when the earth screams.  Nothing says end of the world like raining fish, and mud in your eye….the locusts, that creeps me out a little.

5) The Future – Leonard Cohen

More vocal chords that have an apocalyptic existence, how fitting for a blog about the end of the world.  I think Lenny and Tom should batten down the hatches together in a concrete bunker because if anyone can survive this impending doomsday it would be them.  They should invite Keith Richards and hot box themselves for a decade, I bet they all come out looking younger, but the question here is…..’if three shoulda been dead decades ago genius musicians survive an apocalypse would anyone hear them?’  Bruce Cockburn might be the only one.

“When they said repent repent”

6) The Sky is Broken – Moby

The visual this song creates is totally a 3D Hollywood movie scene. The two notes on the piano give me shivers – ‘speak to me’ oh Moby you do, you do.

7) Here Comes the Flood – Peter Gabriel

Peter has said that this song is about a mental flood.  It’s seems too obvious to think this song is about a real flood that washes over the earth and destroys the world as we know it.  With Peter referring to a mental flood he says it’s about a telepathic society where can read each other’s minds.  The Truth.  Wouldn’t that invoke an end of the world response?

8) Cannon – The White Stripes

This song to me is how Jack White prays, his internal struggle.  His rapture is coming, he lets in his spirit – which to him is a tribute to an old blues song – and then he repents and waits for his punishment.

9) No Depression in Heaven – The Carter Family

This is a song about going to the other side and leaving a sad and turbulent reality.  It’s fitting for today as tomorrow may not be and with all the horrific tragedies we’ve seen in this generation.  There are people in Connecticut tomorrow that will say ‘our world ended last Friday’.  So very sad.

10) Moonlight Mile – The Rolling Stones

This song isn’t necessarily about the end of the world.  The song is about getting back to someone you love, tremendously, someone you would want to be with if the world was ending “I’m just living to be lying by your side” is a lyric that says it all.

11) Back of Your Car – Ryan Star

Another song about making the most of things as the ‘world’ comes to an end with someone, someone hopefully that means something to you.  Stripping down and being vulnerable, no holds barred, getting it on and feeling every inch of who you really are inside your head and inside your body.

If this is the last blog ever by Beat & Lyric, than Happy Rapture, hope you have repented your sins 😉


Seven For Star

This blog post is brought to you by the number 7.
For the later half of 2011 the number 59, the time (insert hour):59 seemed to be everywhere for me, with every glance at the clock it was always in the last minute of the hour.  2012 has started with a new number – that number is 7. Last week my lovely husband of just over 7 years recorded the movie Seven (great movie) and since then I’ve put a lot of thought into how numbers can fuck with your head, how you can attach yourself to a number and give it life.  I was born in the early 70’s, I was born on the 7th day of a month, and the 7th month of year is a month that usually spins my head around.  I have a deep attraction to George Costanza, he was also very attached to the number 7.
Today is January 7th, and another child of the 70’s whom was born on this 7th day of this month is celebrating a birthday.  Ryan Star – Happy Birthday!!!!! As promised a list just for you, a list of seven.

This list at first started to form around songs with ‘seven’ in the title.  I found six great songs and googled, and searched for that ‘perfect’ #7 song.  I didn’t find it.  I did however find a video which intrigued me.  A CBC show “This Hours Has Seven Days’ and from 1966 and interview with Leonard Cohen, worth watching right to the end.  I am posting this for my own self-indulgence and because I think Ryan may be interested in what Leonard says…no song for the first of ‘seven’ but rather a gift of thought, Leonard’s thoughts.

The remaining six songs of ‘seven’

Song Seven – Interpol

Seven Devils – Florence + the machine

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

Seven Curses – Bob Dylan

The Magnificent Seven – The Clash

Seven Sisters – Hesta Prynn

There you have seven for star.  Looking through the ‘seven’ videos I must say that The Clash live would have been one hell of a concert, and why did I think that Interpol where British?  There is no real ‘meaning’  behind the remaining six – bands that stood out while googling ‘seven’, and of course the last video by Hesta Prynn has a great connection to Star, maybe we can get Ms. Prynn to write ‘seven fun facts about carpooling with Ryan Star’….maybe?

Anyways, Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Star, hope the video shoot is going well, Betty and I can’t wait to post it here and make it part of a list/blog someday soon!!!




Tuesday Top Five – Five Ways to Listen to Hallelujah

For someone who is this side of being an atheist-leaning agnostic, I have to admit a penchant for the song “Hallelujah”. I will confess, however, I was raised in a church. I was a choir girl and all (stop laughing). But this song isn’t even about religion for me. Well, maybe the religious way Lila and I treat music – so this song fits very well into our idealism and seriousness in which we take our music.

But, it’s a Tuesday. Let’s not think too much on things like the meaning behind the song, taking it, today for what it is: A classic song that has been redone more times than my mother has redone the furniture arrangement in her living room (read: at times, far too often).

And since High Fidelity was on over the weekend (gah, a dark and brooding John Cusack combined with scads of musical nattering and snobbery and a great soundtrack… any wonder why it’s one of my “All Time Top Five Movies Designed to Make Me Feel Better”?), I wanted to do a Top Five list.

So, without any further preamble, The Top Five Ways to Listen To Hallelujah:

Number One

In its original format. Leonard Cohen. It’s classic. You don’t mess with it.

Number Two 

The next best thing. Rufus Wainwright. If I can’t have Cohen, Rufus comes a very close second. And I even liked it before the Shrek soundtrack. So there.

Number Three 

Canadian Classic. What’s better than when one great Canadian covers another? (there’s a cold weather joke in there somewhere, but seeing as the humidity is about 100% and it’s hotter than the depths of hell outside, I’m not making it). Not much. KD Lang’s cover during the Olympic opening ceremonies was spectacularly done. And worth watching the overdone, over-promoted-product-placement-commercialized Olympic opening ceremonies.

 Number Four

Tragic Sounds. Jeff Buckley’s cover was just another cover. Then there was that whole drowning bit. I hate to say it, but he makes the Top Five because his story is interesting. Flame away for insipid sapiness.

Number Five 

Up and Coming. I really like Kate Voegal. I have for a little while, even though I’m still in the “getting to know you” phase with her music. I did, however, note her Hallelujah cover. This is Number Five with a bullet. The more I listen, the more I like it. I find she brings something new to a cover that so typically sounds redundant if done poorly.

p.s. Thanks so much to our good friend and fellow blogger, Deb, for the earworm from across the ocean this morning.  Be sure to visit her blog here: http://www.thestar.blogs.com/realitycheck/

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