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Sister Love

Hesta Prynn likes to run. Seriously, she told us so. Lila, of course, confessed that she listens to Hesta’s music while running. I copped to listening to it while walking, seeing as it was winter and my desire to run in the winter doesn’t exist.

The Hesta Prynn Music Obsession is a direct by-product of that now infamous, but yet to be blogged about, NYC No Sleep Required adventure. Although, her Pepper cover was indeed on heavy rotation prior to the Webster Hall show, seeing Hesta Prynn live leaves anyone with half an ear an the ability to hear wanting more. And the more keeps coming, much to my delight. In fact, the Turn it Gold video came out almost immediately after our NYC No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn (or Jersey) trip. It was like Christmas. Maybe more like finding a Christmas gift that you had forgotten to open a month after Christmas and feeling secret and indulgent delight when you tear into the paper.

Almost as much as Hesta Prynn’s music is a delight, her videos add something to the music that I often take for granted with other artists. Unlike my counterpart, Miss Lila, and as we’ve already pointed out here, I’m less of a visual listener. Lila is. But when it comes to Hesta Prynn’s videos, I do have voyeuristic tendencies. More on those videos later.

Yesterday a new video was released. Seven Sisters. Lila and I have been anticipating this release, since we both follow Hesta Prynn and Randy Scott Slavin (director) and noted with interest still shots and talk of the clown from Slipknot.

Admission: Seven Sisters wasn’t on my radar from Hesta. I was more of a Can We Go Wrong and Turn it Gold listener. Actually, the CD from the Webster Hall show didn’t have Seven Sisters on it. I was oblivious.

Uh, yeah. What was I missing?

So, yesterday the video drops. Lila and I immediately notify each other. We watch with interest – this isn’t the Hesta Prynn I’m used to. It’s a bit darker. The video has the hallmarks of a good B-movie thriller. It’s macabre vibe all over. The Clown from Slipknot? He’s creepy in a “I’m edgy at the idea of being alone in any isolated place with you – oh, wait, Hesta Prynn is…” way.

But it’s the song that gets me. Perhaps it’s the 90s-Poe-era vibe that is making me nostalgic. But I love this song. Like the video, it seems a darker, lonelier side to Hesta Prynn, letting the listener know that not everything has an up beat when you listen to her.

Sidenote: The original Poe album, Hello, was my introduction to independent female musicians. I’ve listened to Poe’s Hello more times than I care to admit. Seven Sisters is reminiscent in vibe to Poe’s Hello, I think. It’s probably just the similarity in notes, but these two songs spent the night intertwining in my head. Note the similarities to the tile track, find Poe’s Hello here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=befAwVNfkj4

Also, kudos to Sean B. for validating the thought that Seven Sisters has the same sound and vibe as Poe. It absolutely made my day after dropping into a chair beside him to have him take a listen to Seven Sisters (since I’m forever shoving music at him), know that he hasn’t heard it before (which is uncommon, since Sean hears everything) and have him give voice to the immediate thought I had a few hours before when I first heard it: Seven Sisters is very Poe-esque. But better, since it leaves out the typical 90s electronica and brings in an edginess that Poe never had. I think Hesta Prynn is like what Poe should have wanted to be.

All this aside, the whole point of today is to share the new video for Seven Sisters. Well played, Hesta Prynn (and Randy Scott Slavin for another awesome video and the Clown from Slipknot for giving me good creeps).

Seven Sisters

(photo courtesy of HP's FB - go follow her!)

Click to play (photo courtesy of Hesta Prynn’s FB – go follow her!)



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