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Throwback Thursday; when there was no app for that.

I love creating pictures on my iphone, using the camera, finding cool apps to manipulate the photos and sharing on social media.  For a Throwback Thursday I thought I would share a collection of pictures by David Hockney….all created pre-digital era.  David Hockney is an important artist contributing to the pop are movement in the 60s.  I may have mentioned him before as his ‘vision’ has always intrigued me and his work continues to inspire me.

Hockney is a painter, a photography, a printmaker and a set maker.  Just recently I learned that he has been creating drawings on his iphone and ipad  check them out!   I see his current work as innovative, and showing a truly masterful artist working with the media of the times and constantly re-inventing his work and his art.

To get to the point of today’s throwback blog.  Lets go back and look at Hockney’s collage work.  These pieces are from his ‘photographic collages’ and ‘composite polaroids’ collections in the early 80s.  Long before photoshop, long before the digital age of manipulation.  He would take these pictures as quickly as possible, each image was a blink of the eye and the overall assembly of the images was what he was seeing as he looked and moved in that moment.  He was taking a series of still photographs and extending them from a nano second in time and creating a larger moment.










This is Pearblossom Highway, the collage that made me seek out David Hockney.  I have this on my wall and look at it everyday.  Putting this together must have been tedious work!  I need to visit this location someday.




So there is your throwback Thursday.



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