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C’est Cheese!

This?  Is a  A Fabulous Fondue of Valentine’s Day Goodness!

Love songs.  You know, the songs you don’t admit to anyone that you know every single lyric to.  The ones you listened to in your cheesiest moments.  Many heard at a high school dance.  Like Zeppelin’s “Stairway”, the songs you danced with your crush to, trying to cop some kind of feel, swaying and being mushy in adolescent  Hollywood romanticized love.

For all my musical snobbery, it amazes me that I was able to collaborate such a list of cheesy goodness.  That once the creative juices started to collectively flow, how many songs – most of them nostalgic in nature – came forward for consideration.  Much gratitude to those that entertained me with their singing of songs and mad research skillz (ahem.. Steel Man…), their like-mindedness in cheese choice (ahem.. Bros…) and their penchant for recruitment from the ones around them (ahem.. Faubert…).  A completely stellar list. Thank you, as always, for the inspiration and aid.

And yes, I know all the words.  Sad.  But true.

This is how we cheese it up for all you gooey gobsters out there.  Sing along.  Just don’t admit that you did it.

A Veritable Vestibule of Valentine’s Vocalization: Top 10 Songs To Guarantee a Cheese-eriffic Valentine’s Day

#10: Wicked Game – Chris Isaak

A song entirely made up of baritone moaning.  90210 made it memorable.  Who didn’t want to be Helena Christensen frolicking in the surf (or to have her frolicking with them)?  How many people made out on the beach to this song in the mid-90s?

#9: My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

A shipwreck of a love song.  Oh, yes.  I just said that.  Chest-pounding Celine and some thoroughly cheese-y goo.  It doesn’t get any better.

#8:  I Would Do Anything – Meatloaf

Beauty and.. the Beast?  A classic video that I grudgingly admit I watched religiously while singing along.

#7:  Take My Breath Away – Berlin

Before Tom Cruise lost his mind (and his marriage.. thank you Celeb Gossip…), he was pretty dreamy.  To my pre-teen self.  The original goo.

#6: (Everything I Do) I Do it For You – Bryan Adams

Robin Hood.  Merry Men.  And a song that everyone danced to at a school dance.  Sway along, people.

#5: Love you Like a Love Song – Selena Gomez

It occurred to us that we had a ton of songs from our nostalgic pasts.  Nothing truly new (since I assume we’ve evolved in our taste for cheese to not include overt-lyrical mush).  This is our nod to how the love song has evolved.  It’s a bit pathetic, really.  A ballad for this generation? I’ve mocked this song before, so I won’t ask the obvious question (how does one love like a love song? The answer isn’t all that complimentary…)

#4:  More Than Words – Extreme

The one song we can all sing verbatim without any music in the background.  Who didn’t want to grow their hair and pick up a guitar?

#3: Never Tear Us Apart – INXS

It has been pointed out, multiple times, that when anyone searches for an “us” song, the choice by the masses seems to be this song.  It’s on everyone’s list.  Making it a top contender for the ultimate in cheese.

#2: I Just Called (To Say I Love You) – Stevie Wonder

Who doesn’t love this song?  You don’t have to admit it, we know.  Classic Stevie.

#1: Careless Whisper – WHAM!

There was some debate about whether this was a George Michael song, or a Wham! song.  I’m giving it to Wham! Mostly because it occurred to me that Wham! was the original punctuation-band.  Now I get you Fun-Dot.  Clever boys.  Do you think the sax is what makes the song?  Sax is quite close to the word “sex”.. subliminal message or conspiracy theory about why so many cheesy love songs feature saxes?

Although, this video was provided as an example.. which mocks the hell out of the cheese.  Extremely well played!  I was impressed.  As I so often am when musical meanderings surprise me.  “He doesn’t like George Michael!!! Boo!!”

Of course, while discussing the overt gooey-ness featured above, talks turned to the quote-unquote love songs (insert air quoting here) that you don’t really hate.  The Cure’s Love Song and even Tori Amos’ cover of it.  U2’s “One” (my favourite… this led to talk of White Whales and waiting for a Steel Man and Ice Man to guest blog – a coming attraction that I’ll merely sidenote here for increased interest).  Our Honourable Mentions today go to two “love” songs that we don’t think suck.  Watch these tomorrow when you haven’t had your eyeballs burned out with the vibrant colours of red and pink; you are not reveling in singleton sadness (if you’re the single sort); you are not missing someone or wallowing in the winter of your discontent.  Or even after today when you will not be inevitably mocking the commercial nature of a holiday invented by Hallmark (Google challenge – was it?!).  Might I suggest watching these next two videos with a heaping side dish of discount chocolate (again proving that Feb. 15 is actually a great celebration day – half price chocolate!!) and singing along proudly.

U2 – All I Want

Annie Lennox – Love Song for a Vampire

Happy Heart Day dear readers.  We think you’re pretty awesome Valentines.  (How was that for cheese?!) As always, we want to hear your thoughts!  What cheese are you listening to today?


Penny for your Thoughts?

As it happens, we have a lot of time at work.  Time to talk of everything and nothing.  And time to make most of it relate to music.  When discussions at the beginning of the week turned to the demise of the penny, naturally, thoughts turned to idioms and songs that could provide tribute to the little copper coin that was going to leave our lives.

Think of the penny like an old band.  Past its prime, no longer seemingly useful and prepared to die a slow and, at times, annoyingly painful death as it makes its way down the road of obscurity.  You have some good memories of it, but on a day-to-day basis, it is just not providing any value.

Or so it seems.

However, let us take a moment to honour the penny and consider how removing it from our lives actually may have a lasting impact. This is where the questions began.  (And this is where I point out the irony of a Steel Man discussing the demise of a copper coin and I could make a Metal joke here, but, really, I’m on afternoon shift and I’ve not yet consumed enough coffee to make the joke as hilarious as it could be.. )

Allow me an indulgent moment to pose exactly how the disappearance of the penny will inevitably affect our lives.  For about a week.

Best question asked:  What will become of the penny loafer?  I suppose we could call them “Dimebag Dawdlers”.  However, that immediately makes me think of Dimebag Darrell (Pantera guitarist that was assassinated by a fan upset at the rumour of Pantera’s impending breakup.. true story…).  So, goodbye Penny Loafer.  An entire generation of preppy hipster dressers (who I’m certain only dress “preppy” as an ironic nod of the head to their prep-school leanings) will have to go without the addition of a penny to their tasseled tootsies.

I suppose no longer will bad pennies turn up.  Because it seems they always did.  What will happen to these “bad pennies”? Conversely, those deemed a “pretty penny” will likely be stuck in the same circle of hell as the bad ones; where they will likely spend eternity finding other pennies, picking them up and never finding the good luck claimed they would inevitably find.  It is very sad to realize that those of us walking around won’t stoop down to pick up that one little lucky penny in the hopes that our fates will be transformed.

And since penny candy hasn’t been around in decades and I’ve completely dated myself talking of it, we are just going to pretend that buying little brown bags filled with sugary goodness was something someone once read in a book or saw in a movie.  Move along.  I’m not that old.

And what will the penny pinchers in life pinch now?  Dimes and nickles seem in direct contrast to the spirit of being a “penny pincher”.  I imagine that those cheap enough to pinch a pretty penny will have to give up their stingy natures.

Oh, wait.  This is about music.

You wouldn’t think that the penny would have shown up in many songs over the years, aside from the obvious choices (which are indeed included in the list below).  It was an innocuous little coin, it seems.  But the references are there and we took the time to find them.  And thus became the Top 10 Penny Tribute Songs.

#10:  Hot in Herre – Jenny Owen Youngs

Okay, I know I’m starting out a list that doesn’t really include the word “Penny” in the title.  Bear with me.  It’s a 50 Cent cover done beautifully and one of my all-time favourite cover songs.  Get it? 50 Cent.  Fine.  A stretch at best, but it’s a damn good song.

#9:  Coin in the Pocket – Joni Mitchell

It’s not really a song, but rather what I would call a bridge between songs.  A preamble.  And it’s Joni Mitchell, so regardless of relevance or the fact that it’s not really a song, it is great.

#8: A Bad Penny – Cat Stevens

1974. Cat Stevens.  A fool and a train.  Classic.

#7:  Penny Sparkle – Blonde Redhead

From their last studio album (2010) of the same name.  An excellent tribute to Penny.

#6: Pretty Penny – Stone Temple Pilots

A favourite from STP. Sing along.

#5: Pennyroyal Tea – Nirvana

You all know my Grunge leanings.  That this was included is hardly a surprise.

#4: Pennies from Heaven – Billie Holliday

There are two songs that automatically had to be included in the list.  Songs that have been covered more times than I care to even Wikipedia.  Forgive the predictability.

Although, be surprised at my inclusion of Christopher Walken cover…. oh, yes.  I did.  Best thing I’ve watched today:

#3: Penny Lane – The Beatles

Thoughts of classic Beatles tunes, the movie Almost Famous and my hunt for a great cover of this obvious choice. I still like Bowie’s version: 

#2: 10 Cent Pistol – Black Keys

I know it is 10 times more than a penny.  But it is 10 times more great as a song.  (oh, that was cheese….)

#1: Dollars & Cents – Radiohead

For Pete – a Radiohead number one choice.

Honourable Mention:  Anything by Pennywise.

Of course, to choose their song “Fuck Authority” is my way of encouraging all of you to collect your pennies and find some use for them.

Did you know that you can use a penny instead of a screwdriver (no, don’t add it to your vodka and OJ…)?  Ever thought of giving someone money owed entirely in pennies?  The currency act states that no one is obligated to accept more than 25 pennies as payment.  Ha! So there Kramer. 

Still, I believe we should continue to offer a penny for someone’s thoughts.  Because, honestly, there are some thoughts roaming around out there that aren’t worth rounding up to a nickel.

(Side note – can we do away with the nickel next? I’m thinking the obliteration of Nickelback would be a good place to start…)

Adieu Little Penny.

p.s. Much gratitude, as always, to a Steel Man for the idea and collaboration.  Another great inclusion.

Fairytales and Punks – A Beat & Lyric Christmas Carol

 Fairytale of New York has been my absolute favourite Christmas song for years. Forget the Mariahs and the Michael Bubles. This is the Christmas music I want to listen to. Toss in some classic Elvis (as a nod to my Mom) and some old-school Alabama (nod to my Dad) and this is the music that I’ll admit to listening to, and singing along to. This is also the Christmas music that, when shared, increases in its wonderment and enjoyment.

Although, it came to my attention last Christmas that not everyone knows this song. And while it isn’t “technically” a Christmas carol, it is the song I will have on repeat over the next couple of days.

Some notes about the song:

  • The female vocals were to be sung by bassist Cait O’Riordan, but she left the band in ’86. Kirsty MacColl’s then-husband was producing the Pogues and asked MacColl to step in as a vocal guide. The Pogues liked her contribution so much that they asked her to sing along officially.
  • The song still kicks ass. 25 years after its initial release. Fairytale has re-entered the Top 75 every December since 2005. It has made the Top 20 on nine separate occasions and the Top 10 on four separate occasions. Its 10 visits to the chart now total 57 weeks on the official UK Top 75 making it the joint 16th most charted song of all time.
  • Kristy MacColl’s death is an interesting one with many unanswered questions. Although, her heroic actions undertaken (she pushed her son out of the way of the boat that killed her) are something to be in awe of. Her death was controversial until a few years ago when the campaign to answer the unanswered questions was ceased.

If you haven’t heard it (and I’m shocked), give it a listen and enjoy. For the rest of you old punks, have the happiest of Christmases! Enjoy good food, good drinks, good company and may it all be spent with the accompaniment of stellar music.

A Monster Birthday

IMG-20121214-02651I’m a little bit older today.

Okay, okay.  As much as I like to imagine myself still 25, the fact is a decade has passed since I last saw that number on my (no doubt Santa-inspired) birthday cake.  I can handle being 35 today.  I just like to consider myself… more experienced.

As it is with a birthday so close to Christmas, I often lament the onslaught of Merry Birthday.  For you other Decemberist birthday people, you know what I mean.  Your presents are wrapped in the merriest of Christmas paper, your cakes often resemble a fat man in a red suit and, worse, you get the dreaded “combo” gift.  Does this sound familiar:  “Oh, this is your birthday-Christmas gift!”?

So this year, I gave myself the gift of music.  I invited a couple of my favourite musical cohorts along for the ride, battled Toronto traffic (thankful for those with better GPS’ in their blackberries than I have), managed to find elusive Toronto parking after navigating a myriad of one-way streets, hit a nifty little bar near Lee’s Palace (Hey Lucy on Bloor – featured above, my Lucy martini – perfect nod to my littlest beat.. and try the pizza at this place!!) for pre-show drinks and nosh and then spent my night having my eardrums damaged just a little bit more.

It was loud. It rocked. It was a Monster of a birthday.

Show Deets:

Monster Truck and Special Guests (more on that later). Edge Jingle Bell Concert Series ~ Lee’s Palace.

Let’s start with a bit of venue gushing.  I love Lee’s Palace.  The place is dark, a bit dank, small enough to see everything, big enough to withstand the rock that poured off the stage.  This is how you are supposed to see a band.  No huge stadium, no $50 rounds of giant beers, no giant light show and theatrics.  It is simply great music, played loud, where you can see the nuances of the band on the stage in front of you.  Where you buy merchandise from pals of the band (and who show great appreciation when you do).  Where you can be standing and waiting for the headliner only to turn and see the opening act having a beer behind you as you smile and nod to acknowledge the great set they had just performed.

In between opening acts and the main attraction, the game of “spot the hipster” was once again played.  Only this time we had a literal smorgasbord of bearded goodness to take in.  An eclectic mixed crowd – it was difficult to discern between vapid hipster and the real deal.  It soon became a ranking of the best beard (I’m not even sure who won this) and the best look alike (Jerry Garcia and his inner-jacket-porn took this, but the aged Dee Snider-bad-perm guy was a definite contender).

But let’s get to the real reason we were there:  music.

Usually opening acts at Lee’s are insights to upcoming music that is hit and miss with greatness.  Sometimes you score, sometimes you just shake your head and use the time to wrestle your way upstairs to the washrooms (note: avoid at all costs).  Seeing as this was a combined birthday night out (ahem, Pete, this one is for you), it seemed only appropriate that the opening act was a band that my birthday-buddy wanted to see live.  Indian Handcrafts.  You likely haven’t heard of them.  I suspect you will.  Soon.
IMG-20121214-02653Two guys walk on to a stage.  Sounds like the start of a joke, right?  And then they proceed to blow your eardrums out.  Just two guys and a lot of beautiful, loud sounds.  One guitar, half a drum set, both vocalists (a drummer and he can sing??) and I stood agape.  Who are these guys?  I suspect I received something of a “I know, right?!” kind of look from the one who already knew this band.  Which means that the rest  shared grins.  You know – those smiles given with the people you’re with when you know you are hearing something that just may end up being huge.  That moment when it occurs to you that you will soon be saying, “Yeah, I saw these guys ages ago” when everyone else starts freaking out about them.

Indian Handcrafts ( sound bigger than they are – a true Festivus-worthy feat of strength.  A duo, comprised of Brandyn James Aiken (drums, vocals) and Daniel Brandon Allen (guitars, vocals) out of Barrie (so I’ve read…).  It is loud, but it’s not sloppy-loud.  The music is filled with stellar riffs, some seriously sick drum action, fun, frivolity and is so reminiscent of a grinding grunge sound that I almost got nostalgic.  This is how music is fun – it’s loud, it’s humourous, it is compelling to watch and it makes you grin so big while your head nods along and you want more.  Needless to say, I have now dowloaded their recent album, “Disobedience for Losers” and spent the better part of my weekend recommending that friends give them a listen.  I want to know more.  Apparently this band will be touring in 2013 with the likes of Billy Talent (ugh, sorry guys, but everyone here knows my innate hatred of Billy Talent) and Sum41.  Well played, guys.

IMG-20121215-02662The Main Event:  When I heard that 102.1 The Edge was doing a Jingle Bell concert series, I was intrigued to see Monster Truck on the list.  Even better was that they were at Lee’s.  The thing is, this is a concert I knew I had to attend.  Growing up, rock like this was what I was first a part of.  Banging heads, ringing ears, in your face, long-haired kind of rock.  What I have discovered about this band is that you either know them, or you don’t.  So the response to finding out that I was going to the show was varied.  From the bubble-gum-pop crowd (and my Mom), I got looks of confusion.  “You’re going to see monster trucks??”.  From those that know local rock, I got looks of “What? Really? How?”  Small venue, big sounds.  My birthday doesn’t get much better than this.

Jon Harvey (Bass & Lead vocals), Jeremy Widerman (Guitar & Vocals), Brandon Bliss (Organ & Vocals) and Steve Kiely (Drums & Vocals): what they provide is just what the band name implies:  a monster rock sound.  The music is tight, featuring favourites from their EPs and new stuff they are currently putting together in the studio.  Monster Truck has a classic rock sound mixed with some 90s grungy influence.  It’s loud, your head dips lower on each nod and ending their encore with Righteous Smoke was the best set decision I’ve seen (er.. heard?).  Actually, starting out with Seven Seas Blues, moving into a mix of newer and older songs and finishing out with their current hit all seemed highly appropriate.  Most of all, it made me anxious to see what they pull out on their album when it’s released.


And can I mention that Jon Harvey is waaay taller than I ever suspected?! Although, I will give Jeremy (guitar/vocals) huge kudos for stage presence.  The entire group meshes well together.  Their sound is tight (when music sounds exactly as it does recorded, it’s always a great thing) and you lose yourself in a solid set.  There are no bells and whistles.  No stage theatrics.  It is just really great rock music.  And it rocked.

There it is.  I’m 35. And I got rocked for my birthday.  Perfection.

As always, many thanks to those that joined me for our birthday night out.  In overview, this has been a stellar concert year for me, which has been shared with excellent company and great memories.  I could not have asked for better musical cohorts.  Or a better night.  Even the guy peeing on the wall of the alley back to the truck (p.s. Don’t Fuck With the Truck!) did little to dampen the spirits.  Such incredibly loud fun!  Thanks guys!!

As for our readers, since gifts are a given on birthdays, consider this mine for you.  Go check out Indian Handcrafts.  Right now.  And if you have a chance, go see either them or Monster Truck live in 2013.  Put on something tight and black, let your hair down and rock a show.  For now, I’ll leave you with something to listen to.  Turn it up.  Loud.

Indian Handcrafts –  Bruce Lee

Monster Truck – Righteous Smoke (an obvious choice, I know, but a fucking good one nonetheless)


Airing of Grievances…

It is almost Christmas. Which means we are inundated with calls for Christmas cheer and giving and all that shit that is said to disguise a commercialized holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I love presents. And I’m not above being a bit nicer during this time of year (although, I’m kind of nice all the time… )

However, I think we need to recognize that you can’t always be forgiving of shit, even if Santa is watching. And to counter the onslaught of cheery-sappy-goodness, I thought I would provide a pre-Christmas bitch-fest. Of course, this isn’t about crazy Christmas family dramatics, the brazen audacity of people shopping, or even about how you won’t be getting exactly what you want under the tree (or throughout your eight days of Hannukah, or beside your Festivus pole, we like to be inclusive here at Beat & Lyric).

This is about music. Specifically, music that makes you cringe. The song you hear on the radio and marvel that it actually has a fan base. The band you hear people gush about that makes you shake your head. The time when your music snobbery background rears its snobby head and you warm yourself knowing that this one, at least this time, you have an innate sense of what is good and “they” are merely tone-deaf followers. You don’t necessarily don a “man-scarf” or your non-prescription black glasses – you aren’t quite a hipster yet – but you do rail against the industry that has allowed trite crap to be played en masse.

So I asked around – what are the songs right now that are making you irrationally angry? Here’s the Top Five Songs that Are Filled with Suckage that I’m hearing about right now. Feel free to add your own.

5. Anything by Nickelback

I know, I know. It’s almost like a broken record by now – the combined dislike of Nickelback. Of course, I’m not the only one who feels this way. When asked, one of my musical cohorts, Pete, immediately mentioned Nickelback. This is why I have good friends – they have great taste (and a mutual dislike of 3 chords and shitty muisc).

4. Green Day – Oh Love

Like “Time of Your Life”, this is Green Day at their worst. It’s overtly commercial, it’s “radio friendly” (ugh) and it is insipid junk. It sounds more like a Linkin Park-Nickelback collaboration of crap. It gave me absolutely no hope for their much-promoted trio of albums. Such began my rants about bands that once were groundbreaking that succumbed to the power of money and put out shit music past their prime. Luckily, they have now released “Let Yourself Go” and gained a modicum of respect back. Not much, but a small inkling of a sound that made me listen to Green Day in the first place

3. Billy Talent – Surprise Surprise

I probably should like Billy Talent a bit. They’re Canadian and I do have a penchant of patriotism that makes me listen to Canadian bands and artists. But, this is like Nickelback without the three-chord banal sound. There is nothing new or noteworthy about this song. It fades into the background noise that is Can-Con. And don’t think the irony of the lyrics (which, again, I should like since it mocks the Hipster culture along with the video) doesn’t escape me. Lame typical rock stars singing about a culture that they can’t possibly be a part of. They’re trying too hard. At least the hipster listens to somewhat decent music. Not trite music like this.

2. The Offspring – Days Go By

Another Pete choice (I asked him for two choices) and this one would be on my list as well. For reasons already expressed in the Green Day notes. A band that was once pretty great that has succumbed to fear-of-obscurity music making. So they make insipid crap that we are forced to listen to.

1. K-Os – The Dog is Mine

A choice of steel and stellar proportions. Not only is this a shared irritation, but it was once asked of me if K-OS actually has fans who would have anticipated this song. There is nothing wrong with the song, other than the fact that it is just.. dumb. And dumb things bother us.

Note:  I didn’t put any videos with this post.  Frankly, that would require adding hits to videos of songs that I don’t want to listen to.  So, if you’re curious, go look them up.  But be forewarned, it’s all not great.  Which could be a Beat & Lyric gift to our readers – a good laugh early on a Thursday morning. 

Happy Holidays all!

p.s. Thank you to those that provided the inspiration and collaboration for this – what is Festivus without an airing of the grievances?  Now where is my pole??


Myth and Music

The art of a musical myth has always been something that fascinated me.  Stories behind the music, legends that exist, rumours and conjecture.  As I come across these little tidbits of lore, I felt that they should be shared.  Usually they crop up during some of my many musical conversations and have become stories that I share with others.  How Ozzy Osbourne accidentally bit the head off a bat in a now-infamous stage performance (unintentional, he claims he thought it was rubber), however, the biting off of a dove’s head was actually intentional (although he was completely trashed at the time).  How The Verve never actually made any money off of their biggest hit, “Bittersweet Symphony” (thanks to the Rolling Stones).  Even the incidents in current news that will one day be legend: the onslaught of performers puking on stage (a la the Biebs and Lady Gaga), for example.

What started my desire to chronicle these stories happened months ago.  A story told to me about a man who allegedly sold his soul to the devil for success and fame (told by an excellent storyteller, one I don’t tire of hearing).

Robert Johnson was, arguably, one of the most influential blues musicians. During his lifetime, however, he was a mediocre success.  As legend has it, Johnson met the Devil at a crossroads (or a graveyard, depending on the teller of this legend), where the Devil gave him mastery of his guitar.  In exchange for his soul, the Devil gave Johnson the ability to be a famous musician.

Interestingly enough, Johnson’s success didn’t come until well after his death.  Ironic.  Be careful what you wish for.  Also interesting is how Johnson died (it is claimed he was murdered by a jealous husband of a woman he flirted with – murder by poison and Johnson suffered a painful drawn-out death).  And, also note, that the exact location of his grave is unknown.  All adding to the weight of the myth.

This is the legend that started my talk of musical myth.  A mystery and myth all rolled into one very great story of an amazing musician.  Go read more:

Even better, go find some Robert Johnson music and give it a listen.  Because a myth without music is just boring fodder.  May I suggest listening to both “Crossroad” and “Me and the Devil Blues” to start.

Old and New… (Saturday musical movie watch)

Once in awhile on Saturday nights, I tuck the little Beats into bed, drop on to the couch and turn on a movie.  My time to just sit and watch a screen is so far and few between that I rather enjoy finding “themes” to my movie nights.  Music almost always plays some part of this. Best soundtrack movie night (Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, The Crow), best movie rendition of a stage musical (Hairspray – the original, Chicago, Rent), best 90s music-inspired movies (Reality Bites, Singles).

Sometimes these nights have no theme at all, but rather just end up being movies I end up wanting to see.

Tonight was a bit of old school mixed with an all-time favourite “rockumentary”.  I thought I would share.


House Party (circa 1990): 

Who didn’t love Kid N’ Play?  Much thanks to Bros for the inspiration with his kickass Kid N’ Play vintage tee.  I haven’t watched this movie in years.  Just as fluffy and cheesy and funny as it was when I was 13.  Actually, the references weren’t quite as lost on me this time ’round.

Want to know what they’re up to 20 years later?  They did this interview a couple of years ago:


Back and Forth (Foo Fighters, circa 2011)

It’s not totally new, but it has been a classic in the world of Betty Beat since watching it last year.  I love this documentary.  It is everything about why I love Foos.  Shout out to the incredibly smart person who first recommended this movie (and who watched “with” me).

Just a small share on a Saturday night.  If you haven’t watched either movie, go and spend a few hours vegging out, lounged on a couch. Even better, hit us up with some of your favourite music-inspired movies.  Perhaps a Top 10 list in the making?  Let us hear it.

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