Courage & Humanity on 9.11.01

Pulling this out of the archives for 9/11. #courage #faith #humanity


Here is a 9/11 story of a ‘friend’ that was in the tower that morning.  This is a powerful survivor’s account of courage and humanity on such a tragic day in US history.

Quite a few people have asked me quite a few times to post about my experiences on 9/11. A few months afterward, I was seeing a counselor for a while, and she told me to write it out like a journal entry. According to her, it would help me deal with things. So this is what I wrote.

Warning: I’m going to try not to jump around, but I may a little bit, because I had quite a few blank spots during that morning. I put some of what I did together later, after speaking to two women I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge with, Doris and Hanna. I’ve been watching a few documentaries lately, so I’m…

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