Ryan Star put out a new EP on August 5th, 2013 as you know from my last post here. I made it to NYC to see 2 of 4 shows (phenomenal) that he put on over a four night span at some great venues (Joe’s Pub, Rockwood, Pianos & Mercury Lounge). Here is my unconventional way of summarizing my thoughts on Animals:

A – Anomalous is what this ep is to fans who only know 11:59, this deviation from what they likely expected as follow-up hopefully gives them a face-palm as they pledge their allegiance to the rstar army. The smack right in the head isn’t because they prefer 11:59 over Animals, it’s because they knew Ryan had passion and they knew Ryan had talent, the ‘doh’ moment is because they now hear it on a new level and feel it in their gut they way those of us feel it who had been on the rstar train a nano-second or a decade pre-11:59. Welcome aboard.
N – Nostalgia is the vibe that the new rstar ep has – all while being current and honest and so very real.
I – Intensity is what Ryan brings to every damn live show I’ve seen. It builds and builds and explodes, the shows, the songs (give bullet a listen) and then spooges all over the audience and they squeal with delight.
M – Marketable is what we long-haul rstar/stage fans don’t give a fucking shit about and glad that Ryan is on the path that reads ‘here I am love me or fuck off’ and if there was an E in animal I’d use the words enlightenment or epiphany. He didn’t need them, nor did we fans, but in some ways the world needs them because to see real artistry we need to see truth, the stark shaven head of it all which isn’t always pretty, but almost always beautiful.
A – Authenticity in who we are and what we give to the world means more than pleasing the masses. It’s hard as a people-pleaser myself to not get caught up in what everyone else wants from you, the struggle to remain steadfast (mostly to yourself) when you are pulled in every direction. I feel that steadfast authenticity in Animals, especially in f*ck’n up & my life with you.
L – and on a Light-hearted note – everyone should LIKE this post, Beat & Lyric on Facebook and of course Ryan Star. Just do it now.
S – Seat – in a recent interview Ryan talks of not enough seats at the party. You feel the on-edge, the I’m right here, let me come in vibe he speaks of with everything he’s done to date. Who the hell wants a seat at a party anyways? Keep moving, touch everything and everyone (in a non-creepy way of course) and put yourself out there. Seats are for subway rides and road-trips, not parties and Ryan I’d save you seat on my train and/or in my car – I’d even give you shotgun as long as you promised to keep making the music you want to make.

Not a conventional review of new music, but for me it’s real.



Animals EP by Ryan Star on iTunes – get it now https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/animals-ep/id677958252




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