Hump Day Six!!!!

What better day than a hump day for sharing music!!!!!!!!!! I will not post the humpdee song, Betty would but I draw the line, in the sand, and on the pavement. My Shazam is full of tags and I narrowed it down to ones that a current, 2012 and newer because pre-2012 aren’t really finds are they? Six is a good number, so here they are….

1) Kitten – an LA band with ‘Cut it Out’

2) The Neighbourhood – another California Band (sidenote: I love that they have a ‘u’ in their name) with ‘Female Robbery’ – also check out ‘Sweater Weather’ and ‘Let it Go’

3) Robert DeLong – the one-man electro band from LA with ‘Global Concepts’ from his appearance on Letterman.

4) Paramore – with ‘Now’, don’t judge me, I like it.

5) Imagine Dragons –!news Las Vegas based and catchy as hell, again don’t judge me! with ‘Radioactive’

6) The Lighthouse & The Whaler – and Ohio melodic folk band with ‘Venice’

And there are six songs for you to give a listen. Feedback? Am I out to lunch here or what?



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