11 Songs for the 11th Hour

The Rapture, The Apocalypse, The End of the World.  If it happens tomorrow than you have tonight to listen to these tunes, in that 11th hour.  I did nott want to post the typical ‘Eve of Destruction’, ‘It’s the End of the World as we know it’ tunes, I dug a little deeper.  I also used my infinite ability to tie Ryan Star into a blog post, it’s my super power and  I bare proudly!

1) Here’s Where The Story Ends – The Sundays

A band from the 90’s, Harriet Wheeler has a cheerfully delightful voice but this song is dark.  The story may not be the end of the world, in this case it reads as the end of the ‘fling’ or ‘relationship but to some (especially teen girls) a relationship ending is the end of the world!

2) The Four Horseman – Metallica

Kill ‘em All is still one of my favourite LPs, thanks to my brother.  I have a soft spot for hardcore/thrash metal and Kill ‘em All was the introduction.  Having seen Metallica live numerous times pre-Black album gives me street cred right?  “Time, has taken its toll on you, the lines that crack your face”  This line hits home for me.  Wrinkles are cropping up as I turn the corner into a new decade of age, I welcome the end of the world!  Rock on!

3) All Along the Watchtower – Bob Dylan

This song haunts me.  Both Bob’s original and Jimi’s cover.  I give credit here to Bob Dylan as he wrote the lyrics.  The song is poetically dark, the fog roll in as you listen, gloom and doom is near as …”the wind began to howl”

4) Earth Died Screaming – Tom Waits

I’m pretty sure that Tom Wait’s vocal chords have already been through an apocalypse and survived…..just barely.  If you are labeled ‘experimental’ as an artist I’m damn sure you are going to be singing about death and destruction and Tom Waits delivers with Earth Died Screaming.  The end of the world happens when the earth screams.  Nothing says end of the world like raining fish, and mud in your eye….the locusts, that creeps me out a little.

5) The Future – Leonard Cohen

More vocal chords that have an apocalyptic existence, how fitting for a blog about the end of the world.  I think Lenny and Tom should batten down the hatches together in a concrete bunker because if anyone can survive this impending doomsday it would be them.  They should invite Keith Richards and hot box themselves for a decade, I bet they all come out looking younger, but the question here is…..’if three shoulda been dead decades ago genius musicians survive an apocalypse would anyone hear them?’  Bruce Cockburn might be the only one.

“When they said repent repent”

6) The Sky is Broken – Moby

The visual this song creates is totally a 3D Hollywood movie scene. The two notes on the piano give me shivers – ‘speak to me’ oh Moby you do, you do.

7) Here Comes the Flood – Peter Gabriel

Peter has said that this song is about a mental flood.  It’s seems too obvious to think this song is about a real flood that washes over the earth and destroys the world as we know it.  With Peter referring to a mental flood he says it’s about a telepathic society where can read each other’s minds.  The Truth.  Wouldn’t that invoke an end of the world response?

8) Cannon – The White Stripes

This song to me is how Jack White prays, his internal struggle.  His rapture is coming, he lets in his spirit – which to him is a tribute to an old blues song – and then he repents and waits for his punishment.

9) No Depression in Heaven – The Carter Family

This is a song about going to the other side and leaving a sad and turbulent reality.  It’s fitting for today as tomorrow may not be and with all the horrific tragedies we’ve seen in this generation.  There are people in Connecticut tomorrow that will say ‘our world ended last Friday’.  So very sad.

10) Moonlight Mile – The Rolling Stones

This song isn’t necessarily about the end of the world.  The song is about getting back to someone you love, tremendously, someone you would want to be with if the world was ending “I’m just living to be lying by your side” is a lyric that says it all.

11) Back of Your Car – Ryan Star

Another song about making the most of things as the ‘world’ comes to an end with someone, someone hopefully that means something to you.  Stripping down and being vulnerable, no holds barred, getting it on and feeling every inch of who you really are inside your head and inside your body.

If this is the last blog ever by Beat & Lyric, than Happy Rapture, hope you have repented your sins 😉



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