Airing of Grievances…

It is almost Christmas. Which means we are inundated with calls for Christmas cheer and giving and all that shit that is said to disguise a commercialized holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I love presents. And I’m not above being a bit nicer during this time of year (although, I’m kind of nice all the time… )

However, I think we need to recognize that you can’t always be forgiving of shit, even if Santa is watching. And to counter the onslaught of cheery-sappy-goodness, I thought I would provide a pre-Christmas bitch-fest. Of course, this isn’t about crazy Christmas family dramatics, the brazen audacity of people shopping, or even about how you won’t be getting exactly what you want under the tree (or throughout your eight days of Hannukah, or beside your Festivus pole, we like to be inclusive here at Beat & Lyric).

This is about music. Specifically, music that makes you cringe. The song you hear on the radio and marvel that it actually has a fan base. The band you hear people gush about that makes you shake your head. The time when your music snobbery background rears its snobby head and you warm yourself knowing that this one, at least this time, you have an innate sense of what is good and “they” are merely tone-deaf followers. You don’t necessarily don a “man-scarf” or your non-prescription black glasses – you aren’t quite a hipster yet – but you do rail against the industry that has allowed trite crap to be played en masse.

So I asked around – what are the songs right now that are making you irrationally angry? Here’s the Top Five Songs that Are Filled with Suckage that I’m hearing about right now. Feel free to add your own.

5. Anything by Nickelback

I know, I know. It’s almost like a broken record by now – the combined dislike of Nickelback. Of course, I’m not the only one who feels this way. When asked, one of my musical cohorts, Pete, immediately mentioned Nickelback. This is why I have good friends – they have great taste (and a mutual dislike of 3 chords and shitty muisc).

4. Green Day – Oh Love

Like “Time of Your Life”, this is Green Day at their worst. It’s overtly commercial, it’s “radio friendly” (ugh) and it is insipid junk. It sounds more like a Linkin Park-Nickelback collaboration of crap. It gave me absolutely no hope for their much-promoted trio of albums. Such began my rants about bands that once were groundbreaking that succumbed to the power of money and put out shit music past their prime. Luckily, they have now released “Let Yourself Go” and gained a modicum of respect back. Not much, but a small inkling of a sound that made me listen to Green Day in the first place

3. Billy Talent – Surprise Surprise

I probably should like Billy Talent a bit. They’re Canadian and I do have a penchant of patriotism that makes me listen to Canadian bands and artists. But, this is like Nickelback without the three-chord banal sound. There is nothing new or noteworthy about this song. It fades into the background noise that is Can-Con. And don’t think the irony of the lyrics (which, again, I should like since it mocks the Hipster culture along with the video) doesn’t escape me. Lame typical rock stars singing about a culture that they can’t possibly be a part of. They’re trying too hard. At least the hipster listens to somewhat decent music. Not trite music like this.

2. The Offspring – Days Go By

Another Pete choice (I asked him for two choices) and this one would be on my list as well. For reasons already expressed in the Green Day notes. A band that was once pretty great that has succumbed to fear-of-obscurity music making. So they make insipid crap that we are forced to listen to.

1. K-Os – The Dog is Mine

A choice of steel and stellar proportions. Not only is this a shared irritation, but it was once asked of me if K-OS actually has fans who would have anticipated this song. There is nothing wrong with the song, other than the fact that it is just.. dumb. And dumb things bother us.

Note:  I didn’t put any videos with this post.  Frankly, that would require adding hits to videos of songs that I don’t want to listen to.  So, if you’re curious, go look them up.  But be forewarned, it’s all not great.  Which could be a Beat & Lyric gift to our readers – a good laugh early on a Thursday morning. 

Happy Holidays all!

p.s. Thank you to those that provided the inspiration and collaboration for this – what is Festivus without an airing of the grievances?  Now where is my pole??



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6 responses to “Airing of Grievances…

  • pete

    Lol, very well said. I get angry and digusted just thinking about all the crap a lot of people listen to, when there is so much awesome music out there that most of them will never hear.

  • Heather

    LOL I was just coming to say “it’s so cliche but……” anything by Nickelback. Something about their music makes me feel physically ill. I think they just remind me too much of an 80’s hairband or something. Feel the same about that Hinder song…Lips of an Angel?

  • jusmee2010

    That is exactly what heroes do!!!! Save us from peril. Whether it be the furrowed brow of a hipster or just horrible, horrible music. Thank you Crimson Avenger.

    Steel Man.

  • Lila Lyric

    My ears bleed with bad music, but sometimes even those tunes that make my ears bleed have relevance to someone somewhere. I almost wonder if it is now cool to like Nickelback because it’s less mainstream to like them than it is to hate them? I’m neutral. I turn them off and cringe when I hear them, but my hate of them isn’t as vocal as others. My goal in life is to figure out their ‘musical merit’…..they have to have some. Mennudo is the other band I am still seeking out ‘musical merit’ for, didn’t Ricky Martin get his beginnings there? Rush – I cringe with Rush….but they have boat loads of musical merit, but Geddy Lee’s voice makes me throw up a little in my mouth. So to each their own right?

  • Scott

    I came across this blog when I was doing google searches for beat music and well i have to say that some points made here are very solid. Being a highly developed music lover myself, I don’t think I can disagree with anything on this list; however, I would like to add a few of my own.

    1, ANYTHING BY MUSE!! I might go to hell for this because they have had such a strong growing fan base but have you ever heard such a overzealous bunch of claptrap music in your life. It’s like they took all the best of Queen and then tried to recreate it in an outhouse. For those that might disagree please just listen to their new single ‘Madness’ and start singing the lyrics to ‘I Want to Break Free’

    2. MGMT – I don’t really know why but whenever i hear the intro to ‘Kids’ i start to feel like I am going have a seizure. It’s happy Synth pop reminds me of all the bad 80’s Synth pop. It wasn’t good then so why bother recycling it?

    • Lila Lyric

      Scott!! Thank you for the comment. I totally agree with you in Muse. I don’t hate MGMT, but I have a soft spot for 80’s syntho crap, don’t hate me 😉

      I hope you comment again, we live to hear from readers!!


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