Old and New… (Saturday musical movie watch)

Once in awhile on Saturday nights, I tuck the little Beats into bed, drop on to the couch and turn on a movie.  My time to just sit and watch a screen is so far and few between that I rather enjoy finding “themes” to my movie nights.  Music almost always plays some part of this. Best soundtrack movie night (Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, The Crow), best movie rendition of a stage musical (Hairspray – the original, Chicago, Rent), best 90s music-inspired movies (Reality Bites, Singles).

Sometimes these nights have no theme at all, but rather just end up being movies I end up wanting to see.

Tonight was a bit of old school mixed with an all-time favourite “rockumentary”.  I thought I would share.


House Party (circa 1990): 

Who didn’t love Kid N’ Play?  Much thanks to Bros for the inspiration with his kickass Kid N’ Play vintage tee.  I haven’t watched this movie in years.  Just as fluffy and cheesy and funny as it was when I was 13.  Actually, the references weren’t quite as lost on me this time ’round.

Want to know what they’re up to 20 years later?  They did this interview a couple of years ago:  http://www.bvonmovies.com/2010/04/20/celebrating-house-party-20-years-later-with-kid-n-play/


Back and Forth (Foo Fighters, circa 2011)

It’s not totally new, but it has been a classic in the world of Betty Beat since watching it last year.  I love this documentary.  It is everything about why I love Foos.  Shout out to the incredibly smart person who first recommended this movie (and who watched “with” me).

Just a small share on a Saturday night.  If you haven’t watched either movie, go and spend a few hours vegging out, lounged on a couch. Even better, hit us up with some of your favourite music-inspired movies.  Perhaps a Top 10 list in the making?  Let us hear it.


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