New Music in the ‘hood: The Neighbourhood

The other night, I was hanging out with the Little Beats (who both started school this week, a Top 10 list for later on – Back to School Music: Songs to Learn By) when I was alerted to a radio discussion of new music.  Because dinner was being prepped and I was being all domesticated, I had missed the gist of what was said.  Luckily, I have extremely reliable and clever musical friends who share my penchant for new sounds and they filled me in (kudos to those that deserve it.. thank you… that is two in a row.. I’m officially impressed).

You all know how I love new tunes.  Intense moments of Googling followed.  Who were these mysterious new crooners?  All I had was a name:  The Neighbourhood.

I caught the discussion of the song “Sweater Weather” and investigated further to find “Female Robbery”.  I was on a mission. But I couldn’t find more.

What?  Nary a Wiki page, a bio, a wordy website?  Who are these guys?!

This is what I found:

Sweater Weather

Female Robbery

My thoughts?  They intrigue me.  The music is good. Crooning with a smattering of R&B.  It’s light, but not. It’s kind of indie-folk-rock-hop.  It’s a mesh of bits of everything, but it’s not overkill and insipid.  I called them a bit Arctic Monkeys mixed with Foster the People mixed with The Weeknd (but peppier).  If I was going to label them.

Points of Interest:

– Note the spelling of their name.  Perhaps why no one in the US has really stood up to notice.  Perhaps why they released initially in the UK, as opposed to the US (this is where I make the declarative statement that the UK is far more hip than the US in terms of new music).

– All that is really known about the band is that they are based out of LA, released two singles in the UK (with much love for both).  The lead singer is a former child actor named Jesse James Rutherford (go IMDB him..).  They’ve only released an EP, entitled “I’m Sorry” and people are intrigued because..well, that’s all we know about them.  Is this music marketing smarts (building buzz by not saying anything), or are these guys just really low-key and not attention whores?  Whichever the motivation, it is serving to make people focus on the music which is, well, really good.  It’s clever, and I like clever.  I’m holding out hope they keep it up.

– I shared with another pal of mine – the ever-picky Bros.  He is withholding his verdict, although I am pointing out that the band has been likened to The Weeknd, and I’ll point out that he said that The Weeknd was a band that his snobby side accepted DESPITE their commercial success.  Could this be another?  Time will tell.

– The videos are stellar.  In fact, they are part of what I immediately was attracted to with the music.   They are visually stunning.  Music for the eyes and ears, it seems.

– I prefer Female Robbery over Sweater Weather.  What about you guys?

So there you have it.  New music for a Saturday night.  My prediction:  They’ll live up to the hype.  Expect to hear more from them in mainstream media once the snow flies.

Go Like The Neighbourhood:

Go Follow The Neighbourhood:

Check out their site (p.s. Love the branding! I want a black t-shirt!) and get the EP:

Happy Listening!


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3 responses to “New Music in the ‘hood: The Neighbourhood

  • Sophie Chouinard-Thomas

    i LIKE !!! More pop-y than what I would listen normally, but I like. Am with you with the Arctic Monkeys – In Weather Sweater there are parts that remind me a bit of Paper Shoes from Incubus (just the voice and the intonation of the singer).

    I need to listen to it more to decide if it’ll make it on my regular rotation … but my curiosity is piqued (not peaked ;-p )

    Peace out bitches 😀

  • Sophie Chouinard-Thomas

    oh damn! I *have* heard Female Robbery before!! THAT is excellent. Like.

  • Emma

    I second that agreement. I thought Arctic Monkeys too.Great band, definitely can’t wait for a full-length from them. They have a great tour footage video that uses the same black-and-white idea that they use in all of their music videos. Check it out if you get a chance, it’s pretty interesting:

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