Florence and the Machine – Toronto

It’s been a BUSY summer here in Lyricland and I know that Beatville has been boistering with activity too. We apologize for the lack of activity here on the blog. This month though is dedicate to the colour RED as we started out with a long night in Toronto being seranaded by an english red-head.
Florence + The Machine hit Toronto last week. You would think that this being one of the last shows on her North American Tour that we get a less than energetic Flo, but she did not disappoint! The energy and the vibe was brilliant! Florence took her machine and headed next to the Osheaga Festival in Montreal and then on to Chicago to Lollapallooza. They certainly have stamina.


I enjoyed the show and I know my peeps in attendance – The Beatser included – enjoyed the show. I will say that it’s hard to thoroughly enjoy and immerse yourself in the music at a stadium show. It’s not typically a show I will attend, but I’m am glad I did. Florence is absolutely a phenomenal live singer, I could have just closed my eyes and listened to her sing, she was that good. I would have loved to see her in a small venue, but that just wasn’t in the cards.


The openers, The Walkmen a band based out of New York City opened the show. We caught 3/4 of their set and enjoyed it, I will look them up and perhaps blog about them at a later date. What I remember is the lead singer wearing a full suit….I was melting in the stands that poor boy had to be soaked in sweat from head to toe, he also looked like a young Dennis Quaid, from what I could see on the screens.


Here is a token bad picture from my iphone way back in section 302….


And here is the setlist – shout out to Sophie for her help on this!

Florence + The Machine – Molson Amphitheatre – Toronto Ontario August 2, 2012


Set List:

Only if for a Night

What the water Gave Me

Cosmic Love

Rabbit Heart (Raise it up)

Say My Name

Breaking Down


Leave My Body

Seven Devils

Shake it Out

Dog Days Are Over

Encore –

Never Let Me Go

No Light, No Light


And snagged from Youtube from someone much closer….


No Light, No Light – the final song of the night.







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