Oh, Canada!

A Canada Day weekend wouldn’t be complete without a list. As expected, you have all radio stations pulling out your favourite Canadian bands. All highly predictable and you have a veritable buffet of Canadiana classic – Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies, Alanis, Avril, Celine, Shania… all successful in their own right and, since I’m feeling patriotic, worthy of being on a list of notable Canadian music. (Side note – notice I said “notable”, not “good”).

But I’d rather share something you may not have heard. Songs by Canadian bands that, to those of you that share music regularly, probably have either introduced me to, discussed with me or have already heard. This list shouldn’t be a huge surprise to any of you. To others, this is a list of 10 Canadian Bands You May Not Have Heard, But Should.

As I often do, I’ll let the music do the talking.

10. The New Pornographers – Moves

Yep, they’ve been around since ’99. They’ve gained notoriety. And yet they’re still pretty great.

9. Hey Rosetta! – Red Heart

One of those songs from last summer I still love – it was the song that introduced me to the band. Welcome. It would be far too predictable to share it again here. So, I’m sharing something a bit older from them that I discovered. Their next big thing? Lollapalooza in August.

8. Japandroids – The House that Heaven Built

A newer discovery for me – BC Rock at its finest.

7. Fucked Up – Queen of Hearts

Classic Canadian punk at its very, very best. All I can possibly say.

6. Final Fantasy (or, Owen Pallett if you prefer) – This is the Dream of Win and Regime

Dude. He once put out an album called “He Poos Clouds”. ‘Nuff said.

5. Death From Above 1979 – Romantic Rights

They were together, they broke up, they reunited. A good Canadian thing. Even better – they have only ever released one album. In 2006. And yet, we still love them.

4. Hollerado – Got to Lose

I was going to share Good Day at the Races – mostly because ostrich races crack me up and it’s a fun video. However, I am not without nostalgic leanings and this song is still on my iPod on regular rotation.

3. City and Colour – Fragile Bird

What Canadian list would be complete without a bit of Dallas Green thrown in? A Canadian musical genius. In whatever form you prefer him (the classic “which is better, Alexisonfire or City and Colour”). And it’s always fun to watch our US pals misspell the band name. Damn our Canadiana spelling quirks.

2. Metric – Youth Without Youth

A bit of a current obsession for me – I have listened to more Metric in the last few months than I should probably admit.

1. Broken Social Scene – Anthems for a 17-year Old Girl

Not to be clichéd, but as Canadians, we get along. Okay, a stereotype wrapped up in a cliché perhaps. But BSS is classic Canadiana. A music collective that shows Kevin Drew’s genius. Which is why BSS got top billing on this list – the idea that Canadian Indie music is all, really, kind of a collective anyway. It’s always changing, always different and never uninteresting. Show me another band that does what BSS does.

Well played, Canada!


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