If you listen to one thing this weekend…

… make it Alabama Shake’s Hold On.

I like coincidences.  Often small, seemingly incongruous bits of life that happen in tune with other people.  Most won’t notice them. Rarely you come across those who, like you, observe and revel a bit in the little coincidences.  You’ve probably had it happen – simultaneous song listening, texts that say the same thing sent randomly at the same time,  thoughts spoken at the same time.

This is how I found Alabama Shakes.  I was delegated to give them a listen for judgment.  Upon doing so, I was overwhelmed with how great it was.  And promptly do what I do – share.  As I did, Lila retorted with a gleeful “fuck off!” since she had just listened and shared the same song herself.  It seems that everyone was talking about Alabama Shakes over the last few days.

Rightfully so.

So if you listen to anything new this weekend, listen to this.  A well played coincidence.

And since it’s the weekend, I thought I’d also share the free download of their EP (Hold On, of course, is on there): http://alabamashakes.bandcamp.com/album/alabama-shakes-ep


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