A Tribute of Beast-ly Proportion

(if you haven’t taken the time to watch the Fight for Your Right – Revisited, take 30 minutes and watch. So totally worth it. The best things always are.)

It has been just over a week since the death of MCA of Beastie Boys fame.  A week to listen to the best of the Beastie Boys, hear a myriad of thoughts and remembrances of how the music inspired people and to reflect on the impact that the Beastie Boys have had on those around me.

A nostalgic week, it seems.

It can be fairly summed up by one sentiment that I heard: “Adam Yauch was/is a legend and I for one will truly miss him and any new music that could of been. My music collection would definitely not be complete without all his stuff.” (Shout out to Pete for the quote).

I read of MCA’s death while surfing on the computer, indulging in a few moments of lounging before work.  Of course, such information is immediately shared and discussed with those that I knew would be as shocked as I was. Work that evening spoke of little else.  In fact, even Dave FM (http://www.davefm.com/) – a radio station that I often lament about since it is only one of a few that come in from inside the tin can I call work and their penchant for playing Rush and the worst of Canadiana Classic Rock (April Wine, Helix et al) – played a tribute of Beastie Boys songs.  Colour me impressed since I was unaware they even held any Beastie Boys music in their library (why aren’t you people playing it??)  Of course, I could wax on about how certain people and media only noted Beastie Boys music because it was the thing to do that day.  But I won’t even do that.  That Beasties were played en masse and discussed was enough of a tribute.  Talk of our favourite Beastie Boys moments and memories.

Beastie Boys supplied the soundtrack for some of my best memories – I noted many of them here: http://beatandlyric.com/2011/05/11/beastie-ality/

I have also enjoyed noting the story from those that can remember the first time they heard Beastie Boys – where they were, the song that played (Fight for Your Right – a perfect first introduction) and how in hearing that one song, it changed their view on music from that point forward. (Shout out to a Man of Steel for that memory).

And let’s not forget how Beastie’s “No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn” was the theme song for a Lila/Betty adventure in NYC.

MCA left a legacy of music that changed the face of music and, more importantly, changed each individual fortuitous enough to experience his music with the Beastie Boys. They played a pivotal role in my highschool soundtrack and musical education.

Rest well, MCA. The fight continues.


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