What’s Up With That?! The Rotten Fruit Edition

Yesterday Lila put up an awesome cover.  This is good music.  When we discover good music, it so makes me smile.  Especially when we can share that good music with others.

Almost as good – and better in some ways – is when I’m faced with the worst of the worst music.  Now, don’t get me wrong.. I hold a great appreciation for those that share music with others.  And artists that put music out there for critique. And sometimes they are so far out of my wheelhouse that it amuses me.  I don’t hold my musical snobbery in such high esteem to think all my music choices are stellar to everyone else.  People like what they like.  And sometimes what I really don’t like I find hysterical.  With that caveat, I will fully admit to laughing, literally out loud (which is even better than LOL-ing) when this gem was shared with me.

Oh, Black Stone Cherry… where do I begin?  It is like the worst part of the late 80s hair bands time warped to Kentucky and spewed forth these guys in some strange hillbilly cabbage patch.  I should have guessed how bad I would find it based on the panned shots of the audience. The lyrics alone leave the song open for mockery.

Their styling is much like a really bad redneck kind of “classic rock” (or the soft porn version of heavy metal”.  Like Warrant. Dare to compare…

Warrant’s chorus for Cherry Pie:

“I scream, you scream we all scream for her…”
Black Stone Cherry’s first stanza line for that terrible song:
“I like ice cream, whip cream, nasty dreams.. Do you know? Can you feel what I mean?”
Can these people rhyme with anything else in their lyrics??  I’m calling them, now officially, a cheaper more hillbilly Warrant. Like the Wal-Mart version of a hair band. Mixed with everything I hate about Nickelback.
Sometimes you just need to giggle at the music you find completely terrible.
p.s. Credit for the Rotten Fruit find to the one who had this handed – almost on a silver platter of hilarity – at the gym. And much gratitude and appreciation for thinking of me and my need for an early morning laugh because of it. As always music shared is that much sweeter (even when it’s rotten).  I’m not sure which was funnier – this or Chadder Bob….

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One response to “What’s Up With That?! The Rotten Fruit Edition

  • Lila Lyric

    My first thought before shutting off the video 1/4 of the way through was Warrant. Are you sure these guys are spoofing? I did however raise my eyebrow in delight at the tights one dude was wearing. A punk rock girl can do those but not sure about a dude trying to be a rockstar.

    Lyrically, Lila Lyric says cheese, fromage, formaggio, queso with a big ass side of rotten fruit.

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