SHARE DAY – Gambit ‘Maybe’ Remix

Who doesn’t love a share day?  Think of this as Gambit giving you a bite of their Easter Bunny – bite down on those ears and enjoy ‘Maybe’ in all it’s remixed goodness!!

Hoppy Easter!!!

Don’t forget to visit Gambit’s website for more delicious tunes!!



3 responses to “SHARE DAY – Gambit ‘Maybe’ Remix

  • Sean

    When are you going to stop posting crappy music?? Get with the program!! I respect every aspect of you except your Gambit and your Ryan Starr recommendations. Enough with the POP! Leave Young The Giant, and Gotye to die amongst the pop radio stations. Just because 102.1 plays them two months before the rest of the shitty radio stations,doesn’t make them edgey. 102.1 no longer has cred..there isn’t a radio station out there now a day that plays legitimate music. . the CRTC has ruined Canadian music as we know it. Do everyone a favour and stop listening to the radio.

    • Lila Lyric

      Sean you make me giggle. I’m not sure I want to follow any program that dictates I ‘ditch’ pop music. I’m a lover of all genres and am willing be ostracized by the ‘hipster’ generation for liking things that I well….like. Both Ryan and Gambit will get billing here at Beat & Lyric for as long as they keep creating, that’s what friends are for. Music is subjective and what I hear as fabulous and you hear as fabulous is oDviously different, that’s the beauty of this whole industry!!!
      As for radio….I can’t remember the last time I tuned in to 102.1 or a Canadian station at that – so do not assume that is my source.
      Thank you for the respect, even if it comes with a condition ;), I appreciate you speaking up and love to get comments!!

  • Betty Beat

    Ha! Bros… your music snobbery always makes me smile.

    It’s an argument we will never reconcile. I’m okay with the fact that I listen to the radio and can appreciate some segments of popular music. I played the game where I didn’t listen to anything other than my hipster indie music. I still love it. But, as bloggers, we would be remiss to discount anything that a radio would play. And it took me years of missing out on what is actually not bad music because I was so resistant to anything “popular” and would scoff at anything on a radio station. And while Edge is making me mental with their current format and programming, I will still give credit to a station that focuses heavily on Canadian talent that actually deserved the recognition (Hollerado, Hey Rosetta both come to mind…).

    What is that theme song? Oh, yeah… “you take the good, you take the bad….”

    Side note – conversely, just because Pitchfork plays it, doesn’t make it edgy either. The problem with independent music hipster growth is that we are also inundated with a ton of shitty independent music. Shit on both sides of the fence. It doesn’t make the grass any greener either.

    Happy Easter, my friend! We’ll fight about this on Monday. Ha!!

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