What’s Up With That? Juno Edition

The Junos. The watered down version of the US’ Grammy Awards.  I had fairly high hopes for this year, what with Shatner hosting (does this guy ever slow down?!) and some great performances.  And I wasn’t disappointed. Much.

However, the Album of the Year was awarded to Michael Buble. For his Christmas album.

What. The. Fuck?

A truly worthy What’s Up With That?! moment.

Although, it could have been worse… Nickelback could have won it.

And thanks to Biebs, Sheepdogs and Buble for dialing it in with their acceptance speeches. Biebs was short and indifferent; Sheepdogs were so badly dubbed it was hysterical and Buble.. he loves Christmas. Goody.

High points included Deadmau5, Dallas Green’s performance, Feist’s performance and even Hey Rosetta performing Welcome (so many memories of that song…). Shatner was classic. Low points included Nickelback’s entire performance. And Sarah M. destroying Blue Rodeo.

Well played Canada. Mostly.


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