There is nothing wrong with an “it” girl……

I feel the need to blog about Adele today.  She’s the ‘it’ girl in music today, and I feel compelled to defend her because even though she’s the ‘it’ girl there are people out there that hate her.  Regardless of these naysayers, she’s a HUGE success and you know that if you watched any of the award shows lately.  I kept waiting for her name to be called at the Oscars 😉

Chasing Pavements, from her 2008 album “19”  first came to me in April of that same year via an indie playlist that I was downloading monthly.  This monthly playlist consists of about 100 songs and it can be daunting to sift through, but the artists I have found over the years have made the endeavor worth every second.   I remember ‘Chasing Pavements’ standing out, it had the ‘old soul’ vibe, that vintage female singer that was so hot with Amy Winehouse at that time.  I liked it and immediately put into heavy rotation on my iPod (sidenote:  it’s still one of the top played songs on my old iPod that lives permanently in my car).

Fast Forward to today.  Amy is gone, left quite the legacy and paved the way for great commercial success in this genre via her controversial lifestyle that forced the world to take notice….well that and her AMAZING talent.  Adele has the same talent, some may say she got lucky because the road to success was easy while Amy crashed and burned.  I see her path to success outside the limelight of Amy Winehouse.  She’s been kicking around the scene since 2006/2007, so while Amy was gaining speed, Adele was starting out.

People get annoyed when music is over-played, it doesn’t make the artist any less talented, or the song any less good.  It just means you’ve heard it too much and yeah most songs need to be put to bed for awhile so you can appreciate them again at some point.  It’s a blessing and a curse for artists – who wants fans to be annoyed?   Adele is unique in my opinion, she cross genre lines, she is getting attention from many generations of music listeners.  I’ve heard people say ‘I really liked her at first but her music is depressing, there is only so much I can take’.  Maybe I’m odd, but I don’t see her songs as depressing…well maybe ‘someone like you’ is, but I feel empowered, I feel the passion coming through in her music.  That doesn’t depress me at.all.  Perhaps I’m in the minority here….but that’s the way I hear it.  Passion doesn’t depress me, it propells me.

So that’s my ramblings about the biggest female artist out in the world today.  I’m glad she’s healthy and I look forward to hearing more from her.

Here is Chasing Pavements, from 19.  If you are only familiar with 21, go back and give this a listen, you won’t be disappointed.


3 responses to “There is nothing wrong with an “it” girl……

  • Janice

    Coincidence? I had never listened to Adele and just an hour ago Rose asked me if I liked her cause she had bought her 2 cd box set. I told her I didn’t know and I only just heard of her at the Oscars. But I spent most of that evening in the bathroom throwing up and running a fever with the stomach flu……… I gave up and went to bed. SO…….I just listened to her on your link here and I like her voice, very unique with undertones of the 50s……..kind of reminds me of the artis who sang “Santa Baby” in the movie Mona Lisa Smiles…………who was that…………oh yeah, Macy Gray.
    And yes, I will listen to more of her! Thanks for the introduction!

  • rosemary

    I absolutely love Adele from the moment i heard “rolling in the deep”
    Gary bought me her 21dvd from albert hall with the cd god i wish i could sing like her……no wait i wish i could sing lol
    I agree with all your comments and hope she is starting a new movement in music “just stand there and sing!” Getting real tired of the more about the production and less about the voice!

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