Shazam Sunday Six

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted tunes that are new to me, excluding of course Ryan Star 😉  Scrolling through my phone I realized that I had a gathering of songs on Shazam that I hadn’t paid attention to since ‘shazaming’ them.

Shazam is a great app that listens to a clip of a song and identifies it for you….so you are watching a show and a cool song comes on.  Shazam it with your phone and voila you have it and can immediately download it from iTunes.  The app is amazing and has helped me many times.  I typically use it when listenting to satellite radio in the car, the song title and artis is right there but I have a terrible memory.  Shazaming it stores the information as a ‘tag’ in the app so I can find it later when I’m not driving.

So this Sunday I’m starting The Shazam Sunday Six.  Here are six songs I’ve Shazamed over the last few weeks.  Some are old, some are really new but all, in my opinion are worth a nod here at Beat & Lyric.

#1 – Wild Flag – a 4 piece indie rock band from Portland Oregon with ‘Future Crimes’

#2 – Audra Mae & The Almighty Sound – singer/songwriter from Oklahoma City, she’s also the grand-niece of Judy Garland.  She’s worth youtubing further as she covered ‘Forever Young’ and it’s fabulous, which was used in Sons of Anarachy.  But here is the song I Shazamed ‘Ne’er Do Wells’

#3 – Givers – and indie-pop band out of Lafayette Louisiana with ‘Up Up Up’

#4 – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – this indie-rock/art-punk band from NYC who have been in the scene since 2000 with three studio albums behind them.  Here is ‘ Heads Will Roll’

#5 – Bombay Bicycle Club – and English inde-rock band from London who happen to be playing the Phoenix on March 1st in Toronto.  THis is ‘What You Want’

#6 – The Duke Spirit – another English indie-rock band from London, this is ‘Running Fire’


I hope you check out the songs and perhaps find something new to you on this fine Sunday!  Tell me what you think, I welcome feedback and new music suggestions.  Perhaps you can recommend other songs from these bands….save me listening through their catalogue 😉






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