Love to Hate: A VDay Top 10 List

It is Valentine’s Day. Love, gush and all that. In the world of singletons, it’s more like a day of hate.  I like to be inclusive. A day worthy of a list. A teeming smorgasbord of songs that inspire love (well, in some form, we’ll see what you guys think) and a few tossed in for those that will spend the day throwing punches instead of kisses (non-literal punches of course, I don’t condone violence. Unless deserved).

Two Top 5 lists amalgamated to create the ultimate Top 10 Songs to Valentine To:

Nine Inch Nails, Closer

Ugly Kid Joe, Everything About You

Portishead, Glory Box

Violent Femmes, Add it Up

Massive Attack, Teardrop

Limp Bizkit, Break Stuff

Such gratitude to the one who pulled out this suggestion – truly stellar and undeniably appreciated. xoxo

Santogold (before she was Santigold), My Superman

Godsmack, Cryin’ Like a (Bitch)

Garbage, #1 Crush

Lisa Marie Presley, Idiot

So, there. 10 songs to love to and hate to. See if you can figure out which is which. Upon further reflection, maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad.  When there is music. (and that’s the only Valentine Cheese I have for today, the rest will have to be doled out on another mass market holiday… I’m such the cynic. I know, right?)


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