Gambit – Take Off and Landing

The quick and dirty of it as I gave it a listen this morning – great overall first impression.

Track listing

  1. This Town
  2. Maybe
  3. All the Time in the World
  4. Lovers in the Basement
  5. I’m Sorry
  6. Change in the Feel
  7. Things Aren’t So Bad
  8. Ask Yourself
  9. My, My,My
  10. Alibi

Digital on iTunes (Canada even)

CD –

I need to listen again (and again), Tracks 1-3 were included on the free EP which have always been in heavy rotation on my iPod and ‘Maybe’ is on my half-marathon running playlist.  I love track 4, Miss Dallin Applebaum is a great addition.

The other standout after one listen is ‘Ask Yourself’ – I started chair dancing and then immediately added it to my ‘current’ playlist for running.  If it makes the run playlist it’s destined to be a hit with Beat & Lyric.

That’s it for now.  I wanted to get my first impression out there before it faded away and was lost forever.

Thanks for putting yourselves out there Gambit boys – enjoy the wave, there are more to come!







One response to “Gambit – Take Off and Landing

  • Betty Beat

    Thoughts from the Beat…

    When Gambit calls themselves “sincere electronic pop”, I’ve always maintained that they aren’t kidding. This album is pure electronic pop. It’s kind of 80s retro pop, electronic-ish with some of the most interesting segues and tempo changes.

    My initial assessments:
    – The violin on “I’m Sorry” is a great inclusion. Gives it depth.
    – Dallin on “Lovers” is stellar. She steals the show (sorry Lyle!)
    – “Change in the Feel” is exactly what I expected from Gambit on this album. That’s a good thing. My toe tapped. Even better.
    – The electronics are cute and fun throughout. It makes me smile.
    – “Things Aren’t So Bad” is almost too pop-y for me, on first listen. Don’t get me wrong, it’s kind of throwback retro 80s vibe, which is actually good. I’m reserving judgement until I listen closely to lyrics and more in-depth.
    – Alibi is everything that I love about Gambit. Great vocals, great beat and it’s a bit of a pop-twist. A great way to end the album.

    Overall, this was worth the wait and anticipation. I cannot wait to see these new songs performed live. Extremely well played Gambit!

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