Seven For Star

This blog post is brought to you by the number 7.
For the later half of 2011 the number 59, the time (insert hour):59 seemed to be everywhere for me, with every glance at the clock it was always in the last minute of the hour.  2012 has started with a new number – that number is 7. Last week my lovely husband of just over 7 years recorded the movie Seven (great movie) and since then I’ve put a lot of thought into how numbers can fuck with your head, how you can attach yourself to a number and give it life.  I was born in the early 70’s, I was born on the 7th day of a month, and the 7th month of year is a month that usually spins my head around.  I have a deep attraction to George Costanza, he was also very attached to the number 7.
Today is January 7th, and another child of the 70’s whom was born on this 7th day of this month is celebrating a birthday.  Ryan Star – Happy Birthday!!!!! As promised a list just for you, a list of seven.

This list at first started to form around songs with ‘seven’ in the title.  I found six great songs and googled, and searched for that ‘perfect’ #7 song.  I didn’t find it.  I did however find a video which intrigued me.  A CBC show “This Hours Has Seven Days’ and from 1966 and interview with Leonard Cohen, worth watching right to the end.  I am posting this for my own self-indulgence and because I think Ryan may be interested in what Leonard says…no song for the first of ‘seven’ but rather a gift of thought, Leonard’s thoughts.

The remaining six songs of ‘seven’

Song Seven – Interpol

Seven Devils – Florence + the machine

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

Seven Curses – Bob Dylan

The Magnificent Seven – The Clash

Seven Sisters – Hesta Prynn

There you have seven for star.  Looking through the ‘seven’ videos I must say that The Clash live would have been one hell of a concert, and why did I think that Interpol where British?  There is no real ‘meaning’  behind the remaining six – bands that stood out while googling ‘seven’, and of course the last video by Hesta Prynn has a great connection to Star, maybe we can get Ms. Prynn to write ‘seven fun facts about carpooling with Ryan Star’….maybe?

Anyways, Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Star, hope the video shoot is going well, Betty and I can’t wait to post it here and make it part of a list/blog someday soon!!!





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