The 12 Songs of This Year – Lila’s Mix

I sit here with a partridge to my right, a couple of turtledoves to my left all while hearing 12 drummers drumming in my head due to lack of coffee ingestion.  I must make a list is all I can conjure up!!!!!!!!!  December it’s all about lists, Santa makes a list, shoppers makes lists, David Letterman makes lists….so can Lila Lyric.  Betty may be known for her list making abilities, but she ain’t got the market cornered here at Beat & Lyric.

So I make my list, I check it twice.  On second check I realize I broke a rule – two songs are from 2010 – list gets revised.  If your curious about the two songs that were axed then you will have to comment here for me to reveal.  It’s all about give and take.  I want comments 🙂

So here is my list, twelve songs.  The songs are all new releases in 2011, all are currently in rotation on my iPod.  So give them a listen and hear what I’ve been hearing this year.

12.  Of Monster & Men “Little Talks” (December 2011)

11. Snow Patrol – Called out in the Dark (September 2011)

10. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years (October 2011)

9. Yuck – Get Away (February 2011)

8. The Stone Foxes – I’m a King Bee (April 2011)

7. Grouplove – Colours (September 2011)

6. M83 – Midnight City (October 2011)

5. Warpaint – Billie Holiday (May 2011)

4. The Kills – Baby Says (April 2011)

3. Florence + The Machine – What the Water Gave (October 2011)

2. Lana Del Ray – Video Games (October 2011)

1. Company of Thieves – Won’t Go Quietly (May 2011)

So there it is all listy.  Enjoy and comment if you will!

Happy Holidays,



9 responses to “The 12 Songs of This Year – Lila’s Mix

  • zeuzeuze

    A superb list! I have to say, I am all over #8 at deafening volume. Yes, yes, I realize it’s a cover done to death over the years, but I love the grinding, rawness of the Stone Foxes version. Lana’s Video Games haunts me with alternating creepiness and whimsy.

  • Tiresa

    So many enjoyable songs!!! To continue being listy, my top 5:
    Christina Perry (I have a soft spot for this woman….something about her tonality makes her really nice to listen to).

    Grouplove (the lead singer’s voice is inviting & quirky, the video was stunning)

    M83 (I’ve heard this song before and still really enjoy the 80s throwback feel)

    Warpaint (ummm….must find more by this group….their harmonies are beautiful and the restraint, but clarity with which they sing is haunting).

    Lana Del Ray (Awesome….for so many reasons)

    Thanks for the new iPod tunes, Lila!

  • Trina Crawford (@TCrawford2011)

    Awesome list! Will be adding a few of those to my playlist! Thanks!

  • nom

    great list!!! funny you posted about #5 awhile back and i was thinking about them just days ago trying to remember their name, so glad you posted them. 🙂 and lip envy indeed with #2. #8 makes me want to drive waaaaaaaay too fast! other favorites are #3, 4, 6 and 11. 🙂

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