So You Think He Can Dance

Christopher Walken came up in conversation today.  You may be wondering what exactly this has to do with music.  It was his dancing.  More specifically, his dancing he did several  years ago in the Fatboy Slim video for Weapon of Choice.

What brought about this seemingly random conversation of Walken’s dance stylings? It is thought, quite accurately I must say, that Christopher Walken is long overdue for another video featuring his dancing.  But what song to choose?

Before I launch into yet another Top 5 list, let’s reflect back to the early 2000’s. Fatboy Slim was huge.  The video for Weapon of Choice was an instant classic. Thanks, in large part, to Walken’s inclusion and the direction of Spike Jonze. Of course, the song itself featured Bootsy Collins, who provided lead vocals.  Interesting side note: Bootsy also collaborated on Dee-Lite’s Groove is in the Heart, which was featured on my last Top 5 list.  And so my world of interesting coincedences continues. Apropos.

On to the list.  The Top 5 Songs Christopher Walken Should Get Down To:

#5 Foster the People – Pumped up Kicks

It is synth-pop at its finest and it’s current. Both which I am enjoying lately.  But this song got picked for no other good reason than a whistle solo.  My storyboard would include Walken pausing in dancing in his own pumped up kicks and whistling along. I want to see the Walken whistle. Call me odd.

#4 Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

First of all, a fantastic dance-able beat. Second, it’s a kick-ass song.  Third, who can deny great little coincidences?

Arctic Monkeys say: “Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984..”

One of my favourite Walken scenes in film? True Romance. Best moment: when he shoots Dennis Hopper. His line? “I haven’t killed anyone… since 1984.

The song was a given.

#3 Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise

Walken needs to reprise his role as The Bruce Dickinson (classic SNL More Cowbell moment) and pull out some cowbell of his own with this dance. Will Farrell is already on YouTube with a cowbell in a viral video of this song, why not Walken’s own version? Dancing, Beastie Boys and cowbell.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

#2 Radiohead – Lotus Flower

My only request for this song would be to produce it as a dance-off.  Thom Yorke versus Christopher Walken.  Who would be more eclectic and compelling in their eccentricity.  I’m fairly certain Walken wins.  When doesn’t he?

#1: The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

It was the original choice that prompted the discussion, so it gets first place on merit alone.  It’s also a song that inspires toe-taps and great choreography.  A bit of a rock-out for Walken. You know the dance that is done in the video –  a lot of those moves need to be kept. I’m laughing just at the vision.  Classic.

I think this is where we thank Wikipedia for telling me that Christopher Walken trained as a dancer in musical theatre at Washington Dance Studio early in his career.  And now it all makes sense.

Side note – collaborative gratitude to the Man of Steel for a superhero-sized idea for a Top 5 list. Extremely well played. I’d gush, but he’d hate it.


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