Song for Today – Standing on Ceremony

Summer ended with two gifts from Florence + the Machine. The pre-release of two singles from their newest album, Ceremonials. First was What the Water Gave Me, second was Shake it Out (shared here).

It’s been almost two months. Today Ceremonials dropped. Right into my iTunes and on to my iPod. Further reflection is needed, of course, but at cursory listen, the album promises to be a Bjork-ish fest of Flornce Welsh’s impressive vocals and dreamy orchestration.

Lila has promised me that our upcoming road trip (11:59: Take Goo, just over one week countdown!) will feature the album as we embark on our adventure. Musically, it seems fitting for change and moments you don’t want to take for granted. A good play.

So, this is to be continued – our collective thoughts on Florence’s newest offering and how the memories associated from the road played out. Stay tuned…

And, of course, listen along. Download Ceremonials:


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One response to “Song for Today – Standing on Ceremony

  • Lila Lyric

    Here is a funny. My iPod was plugged in at my desk today, and Ceremonials was on low while I worked. Not paying attention to the fact that I had hit repeat I ended listening to Spectrum about 5 times. I had a brief moment of ‘geez this all sounds the same’. Good thing I’m pretty.

    I love that all the drama is there on this album. I sense heavy rotation.

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