Bohemian Café & Gallery – A Night Out

Ventured out with Nom again this week to the Bohemian Café & Gallery where she displays her fine fine gnomes and her fine fine paintings.  This cool little gallery in sleepy little town of Bracebridge (only sleepy in the off-season) has been having music nights over the last little while.  As you know Nom & I ventured into town for Folk Thief and My Boy Rascal a while back, we did the same last night.

The band ‘Faraway Neighbours’ dubb themselves ambient folk.  I think they got that right.  It was a sleepy night in the sleepy town and I will hazard a guess that the well-intended potential show-goers stayed home thinking they might melt from all the rain.  The trio played, to us, the sleepy ‘crowd’ that are not related to the wicked witch of the west.  I for one am always glad to get out for a fun and frolic with Nom and I bought myself a CD to support this trio of young men as they travelled home and dark and dreary night.

I will give the CD a proper listen soon enough, but for now I thought I’d give them some blog love and give you a chance to hear this fine trio from North Bay.

Streaming Here:



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