Show of Gratitude

Thanksgiving. Most of the time, it’s about food and crazy family encounters. Kids screaming, passive aggressive comments and a litany of gluttonous consumption.

And sometimes you stop and really look at the day. A bit of a different perspective. I started my Thanksgiving with a run in new place. Loud music ringing in my ears with only thousands of stars to keep me company. And a couple of random bunnies who ran with me for a bit. And instead of focusing on the collective craziness of the day, I appreciated the small moments. Moments worth giving thanks for. The appreciation shown by family for the food you worked hard to prepare. Sharing a new wine find with your Dad and knowing he enjoys it just as much as you do (not to mention appreciating the original recommendation). Showing my girls new traditions mixed with old custom. A simple song sung with pride at the dinner table by your 10 year old “mini-me”. Showing gratitude for the small things and people who have made you feel fortunate.

As cheese as it is, I’m pulling out the typical Thank You songs. I’ve realized that showing appreciation and gratitude to those that deserve it is invaluable. And appreciation begets appreciation.

So, thanks.

Cheese-errific Top Five Songs of Giving Thanks

#5: Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again) – Sly & The Family Stone

You can’t beat a classic.

#4: Thank You – Alanis Morissette

She was an iconic angry girl who wasn’t all that angry here. Proof that sometimes the angry girls have good days too.

 #3: Thank You – Simple Plan

So, maybe not really a show of sunshine and lollipops. But not all gratitude isn’t based on happy experiences. Sometimes you learn from the falls. Great lyrics got this song on my list.

#2: I Thank You – ZZ Top

Is it any surprise a cover song makes the Top 5? I picked this song for a few reasons: first to a fellow ginger who once claimed ZZ Top made him feel dirty. I was hoping a song less about “legs” (ha!) would help, but, sorry.. I couldn’t do anything about the beards; second to pay tribute to man-love for ZZ Top. My own show of gratitude.

 #1: Thank You – Dido

Probably the most recognizable and marketable song on my list. But I do admit that I love this song. It’s the little things, so it fits with the way I tend to view the world. Even something as simple as a towel. Super corny, I know. But, then again, it is a day to give thanks. Even if it is with a large order of cheese on the side.


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