Share Day – Out of This World

Lila posted a song a little while ago courtesy of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour The Golden Age. It was a song featured on the Heineken commercial. Interestingly enough, my favourite summer carpool guys noted that they wondered who sang the song one night and were shocked and in awe when I whipped out my trusty iPod and played it for them. (thanks be to Lila for the introduction)

Today’s share is Major– a new release and free download from The Asteroid Galaxy Tour’s upcoming album, Out of Frequency.

Aside from the funkadelic 70s throwback sound that Major showcases, there is more intrigue than just fun music with wicked vocals. It’s the marketing behind getting their new single heard. When you hit the site to download the single, you’re faced with an interactive request – social network sharing. Each tweet or share on Facebook awards you a slow striptease of the album artwork. Once you’ve revealed it (it is rumoured, I’ve yet to complete this step…), you are rewarded with new content from the album

Nothing short of genius. Not only does the musical side of my brain love the song (it’s the horns – a throwback to my trumpet band-camp days, I suppose), but that oft-forgotten advertising and marketing side of my brain relishes the thought of incentive-based sharing for fans. Clever.

Well played!

And for those who may have missed this the first time around, my original introduction to TAGT, The Golden Age, Unplugged version:


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