FFF: A Northern State

I’m not usually one to wax nostalgic. Well, not excessively anyway. But I promised a number of people that I would dedicate my FFF blog to my summer. Quite literally May to September friends that I found quite unexpectedly. Some friendships that flourished, some that were an unexpected surprise; even those that disappointed.

A bit of background: All it took was an ill-fated wave of water. My summer changed. I went from living 10 minutes from work to uncertainty and drastic change. For anyone who knows me, I’m fairly routine-oriented. So change and I do not always get along. So, I moved my work location. Car pools and an entirely new situation. And I have to admit, there was a bit of trepidation. My old friends were like my favourite old jeans – I knew them. I was comfortable in them.

However, it took only a few short hours to know that change is often a catalyst for realizing you can fit better somewhere else. Suddenly I had a slew of new people to discover. And I fit. Better than I expected.

I think the biggest surprise of the summer was how large a part music played in it. I have always had this internal “life soundtrack” – songs that hold memories and meaning. I happily discovered that there are others who hold that same philosophy. I talked more about music – likes and dislikes; industry standards; cowbells and how “woo” sung in a song makes it more sing-able (that’s a blog for another day in the near future). I spent my days with radios blaring, reminding me that marketability isn’t the devil’s tool. I learned, I fought, I laughed. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard it hurt.

I can’t possibly dedicate a FFF to every person I want to. Trust me, I spent the better part of my night last night going over my head a song choice for as many people as I could. I can’t possibly express my gratitude for this May to September adventure that has given me new friends that I hope remain so even after I’m gone. All I can do is offer up a series of songs. Those they have specific meaning for will know who they are and why the song is there. These are the people that meant the most. Overall though, they are like a gift to all those I’m leaving behind. Songs that mean something to me. Because of you.

For everyone else, as my final goodbye, I am offering up a veritable buffet of AC/DC. To the rest of you, it may leave you scratching your head. Seems an odd choice for me. But every time I hear an AC/DC song, I am going to smile, remembering the summer they played on the radio 2485 times. I’d put Nickleback, since they seemed to play almost as much. But everyone I work with knows that Nickleback are not allowed on the radios when I rule the car. I’m the boss, motherfuckers. Boo. Yah. (see? All that classic rock has warped my mind).

Summer Memories, courtesy of:

Hey Rosetta, Welcome

 Big Wreck, Blown Wide Open (no, it’s not Creed… funniest slip ever, but it’s the best song to have someone sing to you)

 Hollerado – Got to Lose (3rd time featured on B&L.. must be the lyrics…)

 Young the Giant – My Body (best toe-tapping/work out song of the summer):

 Black Keys – Howlin’ For You

 Bon Jovi – Bed of Roses (it pained me to do it, but Sean B. deserves it!)

Adele – Rolling in the Deep

Dennis Leary – Asshole (just for the Chassis boys):

And, now… the AC/DC. Forgive me.

(probably the AC/DC song I like best, courtesy of the movie, “Empire Records”, which was a movie I watched almost as many times as I heard AC/DC this summer):

Well played, Northerners. You have my love and I will miss you all (I’m not going to cry, I swear.. gingers have no souls, you all know that) It’s not goodbye, but rather an “I’m always around.” At least in spirit.  xoxo


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