Song for Today – Three Way

Lila says I’ve been obsessing over the Sucker Punch soundtrack lately. She’s probably right. That’s what we do. Hear a song, or a group of songs and obsess over them. Interesting side note – Emily Browning, who plays Baby Doll in the movie also sings on the soundtrack. A feat I truly admire (I’ve been a fan of the Australian actress since watching Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events with the oldest Little Beat). Plus, she sings the songs well – for those keeping record, she is featured on Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics cover), Asleep (The Smiths cover) and Where is My Mind (Yoav performs, Emily is features – it is a Pixies cover).

Perhaps that is why I enjoy this soundtrack – there are a great number of cover songs and remixes. Bjork’s Army of Me remix being one of my favourites – although both Lila and I copped to having the Queen remix on our running list.

 Where is My Mind is the Song for Today. I’m serving up three versions – the original Pixies version, a Placebo cover (sigh, Placebo.. memories of my 20s) and the Yoav cover featuring Emily Browning. I’m still undecided which version I prefer over the others. Right now, it’s an equalized obsession. Listen and drop thoughts of your own.

Where is My Mind – Three Ways


From the Surfer Rosa album, circa 1988. The original good.


From the Sleeping With Ghosts disc, circa 2003.  It was a bonus track – a great bonus.

Yoav, Featuring Emily Browning

Obviously, the most recent, from the Sucker Punch soundtrack.  Side note – this isn’t the first time the Pixie’s song has been featured in film.  Most people will remember it best after the original Pixies version was featured on the Fight Club soundtrack.

Just for the sake of interest, apparently Arcade Fire has also covered this song in 2007, although I’ve yet to find a version.  Kings of Leon (who I’ll be seeing with my favourite Frenchie in October) also covered the song in many of their concerts in 2010.

Happy Listening!



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