FFF – Influential

Someone once said, “…the most influential people in my life are probably not even aware of the things they’ve taught me.”

This seems to have been the theme of my summer. The joy of change is that you meet new people, hear new thoughts and remove yourself from the stagnant nature that you wore like a comfortable old shoe. To further that shoe analogy, sometimes new shoes pinch, but in the end, they look spectacular and you adore them.

I have often found some of the best musical influence at work. Sean B. is a great example, plus, he likes blog shout outs (Hi Sean!). And over the course of the last few months at work, I have talked more about music than ever. A testament to some of the amazing people I met this summer. Even when arguing the merits (or lack thereof) of Nickleback and AC/DC (more on that next week). I learned these past few months. I learned that just because a song is successful doesn’t make it a sell-out. I learned that everyone has a unique taste in music that should be appreciated, even if it is not agreed with. I learned that there are people out there that are more than just their reputations and when instinct tells you to look closer, you listen and are often rewarded for it. I learned that there are other people out there, who, like me, listen to lyrics and notes and make music an integral part of their day and life. And these are the people that influence me and inspire me most.

Hollerado was a great recommendation this summer.  Canadian Indie at its finest.  They are a bit Weezer-esque.  Got to Lose never fails to make me smile. The lyrics, especially when recited verbatim, combine sentiment and quirk; definitely a fun song.  One that will always carry the memories of this summer. Introduced to me because I took time to listen and learn. It was my reward and I am terribly grateful for it.


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