Wicked Women of Wednesday

Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter W. Inspired by Betty’s list making skillz, I thought it was that kinda of Hump Day. The songs I have picked for WWW (Wicked Women of Wednesday) are all empowering songs. One on the pop side that is a brush-off of sorts, one that gives you strength and takes you from being vulnerable to being powerful, and one that makes you heard very loud and very clear.

3) “Worried About”, by Illinois native Lissie (born Elisabeth Maurus). This track is off her 2010 album Catching a Tiger. It’s on the pop side of things, hinting on country. I like it’s catchy beat but lyrically I love that she concedes to being obsessed and how she turns the table around with a big ol’ brush off.

2) “Weak”, a 1996 tune by English band Skunk Anansie, which was re-released on their Smashes & Trashes, greatest hits album in 2009. Lead singer “Skin” (Deborah Dyer), is a fascinating woman that pulls off the beauty of bald. The song “Weak” is an anthem and it speaks for itself.

1) “Won’t Go Quietly” is a new song off Company of Thieves 2011 release Running from a Gamble. Unfortunately iTunes Canada does not have this available so you have to trust me that it’s a great tune and a great album and just go straight to Company of Thieves and order a hard copy. Funny thing I didn’t realize is that I have two artist from Illinois on my list….cheers to the windy city! Genevieve Schatz belts out this tune, the live performance I post below from the Bowery Ballroom in NYC is no exception. She gives it her all and makes me want to be there (must.see.live). The song reverberates through you, listen to it loudly and listen to it often.

Go forth….don’t be weak, don’t worry and most of all don’t go quietly.



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