The Condiment Struggle

I have a hard time seeing Smashing Pumpkins and any early 90’s Grunge as retro.  It dates me, and you know what I am female please don’t date me, that’s rude.

Smashing Pumpkins are far from my favourite from that era, but I don’t think anyone will contest that they were an integral part of the scene.  I always thought of Billy Corgan as a smug twit and perhaps that influenced my medicore love of the Pumpkins.  I followed them, but I did not FOLLOW them.  I’m sure someone (like Betty Beat) knows what I mean.

Mayon(n)aise is my song for today.  Why?  Because I hit shuffle and it was the first song/artist that came up that hasn’t been blogged before by myself or Betty.  The title makes me sad.  Not on a ‘want to slit my wrist level’, but on a ‘I’ve developed an egg allergy in the last two years and can never eat it again’ level.  Mayon(n)aise is a delightful condiment.  I hearted the Hellman’s (Miracle Whip is not Mayon(n)aise) up until it started to break me out in hives and close up my throat.  The song, oh yeah the song.  It makes my Top Ten for off-the-wall titles spelled without the second ‘n’.  There is so much substance and richness in the song.  I read that Billy said the lyrics have no meaning that the song was just thrown together.  I call bullshit, there’s that smugness that I see in him.  Bullshit your lyrics don’t mean anything, but I digress.

The song is one that takes on meaning for the individual, much like many songs. I see it as an internal struggle much like the condiment again.  Mayon(n)aise is on the inside of the sandwich and it compliments but almost struggles smashed between the bread the meat and the cheese, it is more a lube than anything.  Mayon(n)aise the 9th of 13 songs on Siamese Dream is that lube that holds the album together, in my opinion, perfectly placed and helps establish the collection of songs as a perfect mix.  Siamese Dream doesn’t need a ‘shuffle’ setting, it’s one of those albums that was thought out and put together as album and not just thrown together.  Oh the lost art of the album.  Sigh.  Mayon(n)aise is in the right spot, the song itself struggles with being a ballad with it’s guitar riffs, but it is a ballad nonetheless and mayonnaise the condiment will leave the tang to Miracle Whip and the bold to mustard, they are both destined to be mellow


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