Running To Stand Still – my playlist nightmare

Today is a holiday in Canada.  I have no idea why but for some people it’s a STAT day, some others it is not.  I have today off with pay (my boss is da man – woot woot).  I may have mentioned previously in a post that I’m a runner.  I’m not a fast runner, nor am I a seasoned runner but I run.  In the spring I trained for a half marathon and I completed it.  Tough, I hung my shoes up and took a sabbatical until today.  Bad idea. 

My Run Lila Run Playlist was out-of-date.  THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!  While my feet may have picked up speed when Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls came on, and I tried to keep my ‘feet off the ground’ for Gambit it just seemed a little forced and if I’m going to keep running I need a new playlist to boot.  If I’m being honest, this running gig is a bit more about vanity than anything.  I have set a goal to drop 10 pounds (plus the few I put on during my sabbatical) and yes, sure it’s for the health of it, but I have a tripped to Cuba, a wonderful cruise around the island booked in December.

So here I am hoping that Betty and maybe some other quiet but friendly blog readers out there will suggest a tune or two for my playlist.  I’ve also seen the wonders of iTunes Genius playlists, but my good I’d have to dedicated a week or two to sort and fix my iTunes library, everything needs to be categorized!  I wish I had the time, as the Genius feature is well….genius.

Here’s my start:

  • Juliette &  The Licks – Hot Kiss
  • RHCP – Taste The Pain (staple on my run)
  • Hesta Prynn – You Winding Me Up
  • Ryan Star – Start a Fire (power song)
  • Florence + The Machine – Dogs Days are Over
  • Shake it Out – Manchester Orchestra
  • Company of Thieves – Death of Communication
  • Marlena Shaw – California Soul
  • The Naked & Famous – Young Bloods

Thanks in advance for your input, here is a taste of my new fave song and one that I hope will be great to run to next time I’m out.  I’m still waiting for iTunes Canada to pick up this album, in the meantime I’ve ordered a hard copy.  Enjoy!


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