Song(s) for Today – Anticipation

It’s the shortest countdown I’ve ever done (and if you know me, you know I usually count down everything).

One day. Just one. Tomorrow Lila and I will hit Sound Academy in Toronto to see Ben Harper. Grace and the Nocturnals (who we both adore) are opening. We have some amazing people to keep us company and we’re going to spend our afternoon pretty-ing up and hitting the town.

Some will call it crazy – much like the No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn escapade. Hell, I’ve even been called somewhat irresponsible for a multitude of reasons. And it’s all good. And so worth it.

So, the songs for today are pretty obvious. Ben Harper’s latest from his new album, Don’t Give Up ‘Til it’s Gone and a favourite from Grace and the Noctunrals.

Concert debauchery notes to follow, I’m sure. Stay tuned.

Don’t Give Up on me Now, Ben Harper

 Paris, Grace and the Nocturnals (the first song I heard from this band and immediately loved):


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