Challenge – Song #6

Song that reminds you of somewhere.

PEI (Prince Edward Island), summer of 1993. The Land of Anne, Bud the Spud and of course bright red mud. I was there for three months for an accelerated photography program through Ryerson University. I was one of 16 students living in an old bible camp converted to photography school, surrounded by potato fields and steps from the Gulf of St Lawrence. There are many ‘loves’ that developed that summer – lobster, tomato soup with dill, puns, and musically The The’s Dusk which was released earlier that year.

I don’t remember who actually owned the copy that was blared nightly in basement darkroom, much to the dismay of Natalie and Leanne who slept in the bedroom above. I’m sure they have a long-standing hate on for Matt Johnson. The CD was played constantly from beginning to end. I was familiar with The The but never captivated enough to call myself a fan. I do hear that this CD was much different from their earlier work which included Johnny Marr. You may also remember that 1993 was the year that U2 released Zooropa, which became a joke for us that summer. Funny that just this week U2 announced a re-release of the album alongside Achtung Baby. Why Zooropa?!! That one confuses me, even if I do love me some Lemon.

Back to Dusk – it’s hard to pick a favourite song from the album as I truly love it all, Lonely Planet is a great song to live by as is Stronger Than Death. Dogs of Lust stands out, it is a great tune and defiantly a top contender and I will post the video here. I do suggest you find more online if you wish to indulge in some glorious 90’s tunes.

Thanks for tuning in!



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