Challenge – Song #5

Song that reminds you of someone……

photo credit: Jamie Smith

The list is endless in this category. I instantly start thinking of lost loved ones and songs that have attached themselves to my memories of them and their time on earth. So as a tribute to Eugene, my Grandpa Smith for Father’s Day this weekend I had to go with the man in black. Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire instantly brings vivid images of Grandpa Smith to mind. He was a lover of old country, Hank Williams Sr and Johnny Cash are always at the forefront of my musical memories. I have so much respect for early country, the twang and simplicity is very raw and you cannot deny the pure brilliance in the lyrics. I kid mostly about the lyrics, but I must say that as an avid anti-country fan I do very much appreciate the early works of the pioneers of that genre. Johnny Cash was a dark and toturtured soul and it showed in his music.

Ring of Fire takes me to my Grandpa’s shop, it takes me to the old greyhound bus converted to a camper that my grandparents had for so many years. Grandpa Smith was not like Johnny Cash at all, he was a genuine soul with a heart of gold. He was well-known and well loved.

Pictured above on machinery from his excavation business. His humouress side shines though as you see the cutout of the woman in the background, he always loved jokes and making people smile. Whether it was hanging stuffed animals from trees to entertain the children at the campground or taking the grandkids for rides in the dump truck or relaxing on the porch with Grandma and anyone who dropped by to visit, he always had a smile for you.

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash


4 responses to “Challenge – Song #5

  • Janice Smith

    What a wonderful tribute! I am amazed at your respect for early country and the fact that you even remember the music that Grandpa loved. I grew up with that music and somehow through osmosis it gets in your blood as much as you try to deny it sometimes! I can wander away from it to a dozen other genres but I always come home to old country and gospel! BTW love the pictures! Thanks for posting this – it brought a tear to my eye!

  • Rose Smith-Lunau

    That was a great story. Yes, I am also moved by the tribute. Great pictures and thanks you for your thoughts. BTW I hate country music!! It must of been all those years growing up fighting over records and radio stations to listen to something other than country that just made me hate it.

  • Lila Lyric

    I don’t know why you’d be amazed πŸ˜‰ If you look at early country and folk it laid the foundation for storytelling in modern music. There is a rich history there and many of today’s artist give credit to early country singers as influences.

    As for Grandpa and Johnny Cash, I gave him a CD set the Christmas before he passed. I hope he listened to it, there was a movie included in there too.

  • Janice Smith

    I guess I’m just amazed because it never came up in conversation that I can remember. I know you were always a music afficionado (?) but you never spoke about country and I can only remember you teasing your Dad about the BeeGees so them and the Beatles are as far back as I thought you had an opinion! So now I know your thoughts thanks to your blog! For sure Grandpa would have listened to your CD! Funny note………….I still have 4-5 Johnny Cash songs on my MP3 player and I used to jog on my treadmill to them! πŸ™‚

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