Challenge – Song #4

Song that makes you sad. 

Nothing like a 10 minute song of sadness.  This song evokes sadness by way of anticipation.  The highs in the song bring you up to an ‘almost’ spot of zealousness and then slows right down and Ryan starts singing over and over “I’m not sad anymore”. I want to believe that he’s not sad anymore but I sense he’s more enlightened than ‘not sad’.

The Scientist’s Canvas is a visual song, it starts out a pretty water colour of a seascape and ends up crashing into a Jackson Pollock, then twisting into a Ralph Steadmen and in the end evolves into the simplicity of a black and white photograph.

The song dates back to 2003 by Ryan Star’s band STAGE.  The self-titled album was released by Madonna’s label Maverick.  It’s a phenonmenal record from start to finish.  As a visually creative person I am attracted to this song because of how I see it more than how I hear it.  I see it as sad even in the moments where it clearly sounds uplifting.

I will leave you with two quotes.  My favourite audio artist and my favourite visual artist.

“I close my eyes and I see so many things” – Ryan Star –

“That’s the way I see it” – David Hockney –


2 responses to “Challenge – Song #4

  • Betty Beat

    What is more interesting than the song choice, Lila, is the “why” behind it. I always knew you were driven more by a visual perception, whereas my choices are often made because of a memory or based on how I interpret the lyrics in a song. That I can get a completely different perception and creep outside my (to be cliché) “comfort zone” based on your interpretation is a good thing.

    That said, while a seemingly sad song, the lyrics in this one didn’t do much for me. I’d much prefer Ryan Star’s “Losing your Memory”. I’m often making pretty obvious choices though and it’s obviously a song of nostalgic despondency.

    My overall Sad Song pick? Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová’s “Once”. Lyrics like, “Part of me, Has vied, To watch it burn, And the heart of me, Has tried,But look what it’s become” Besides, Once is an amazing movie – the last one that managed to evoke a tear from the likes of me. It was finally a movie that didn’t have a Hollywood ending with a soundtrack that was at times a bit haunting with a side dish of amusement (Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy still cracks my shit up).

  • Lila Lyric

    Thanks for the comment Betty. I heart “Once”. As for Scientist’s Canvas for a 10 minute song there are few lyrics. It’s the emotion the song evokes in me through the highs and lows in the song. I almost think, no I am sure that ‘sad’ can be interpruted in different ways. Sad in a way when you lose someone you love dearly but their life was full of great pain – you are sad to lose them, but happy their suffering is over. I guess that is how I ‘see’ this song. The revelation that sadness doesn’t have to be the doom and gloom in your heart and mind but rather a calming vibe in your soul.

    Does that make any sense or does it seem like I’m smoking hippie crack here at my computer?

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