Tuesday Top Five – Five Ways to Listen to Hallelujah

For someone who is this side of being an atheist-leaning agnostic, I have to admit a penchant for the song “Hallelujah”. I will confess, however, I was raised in a church. I was a choir girl and all (stop laughing). But this song isn’t even about religion for me. Well, maybe the religious way Lila and I treat music – so this song fits very well into our idealism and seriousness in which we take our music.

But, it’s a Tuesday. Let’s not think too much on things like the meaning behind the song, taking it, today for what it is: A classic song that has been redone more times than my mother has redone the furniture arrangement in her living room (read: at times, far too often).

And since High Fidelity was on over the weekend (gah, a dark and brooding John Cusack combined with scads of musical nattering and snobbery and a great soundtrack… any wonder why it’s one of my “All Time Top Five Movies Designed to Make Me Feel Better”?), I wanted to do a Top Five list.

So, without any further preamble, The Top Five Ways to Listen To Hallelujah:

Number One

In its original format. Leonard Cohen. It’s classic. You don’t mess with it.

Number Two 

The next best thing. Rufus Wainwright. If I can’t have Cohen, Rufus comes a very close second. And I even liked it before the Shrek soundtrack. So there.

Number Three 

Canadian Classic. What’s better than when one great Canadian covers another? (there’s a cold weather joke in there somewhere, but seeing as the humidity is about 100% and it’s hotter than the depths of hell outside, I’m not making it). Not much. KD Lang’s cover during the Olympic opening ceremonies was spectacularly done. And worth watching the overdone, over-promoted-product-placement-commercialized Olympic opening ceremonies.

 Number Four

Tragic Sounds. Jeff Buckley’s cover was just another cover. Then there was that whole drowning bit. I hate to say it, but he makes the Top Five because his story is interesting. Flame away for insipid sapiness.

Number Five 

Up and Coming. I really like Kate Voegal. I have for a little while, even though I’m still in the “getting to know you” phase with her music. I did, however, note her Hallelujah cover. This is Number Five with a bullet. The more I listen, the more I like it. I find she brings something new to a cover that so typically sounds redundant if done poorly.

p.s. Thanks so much to our good friend and fellow blogger, Deb, for the earworm from across the ocean this morning.  Be sure to visit her blog here: http://www.thestar.blogs.com/realitycheck/


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