Challenge – Song #3

“Song that makes you Happy”

Well this song is from my leading quirky girl, Regina Spektor.  She first caught my attention back in 2005 with the lyrics “ate a slice of wonderbread and went right back to bed”.  The quirkiness in her lyrics and in her style is what keeps me engaged, and I believe this to be genuine.  I see so many female artist trying to be cute and quirky but it seems so put-on and fabricated – *cough*KatyPerry*cough*.  Regina is the Queen of Quirk.  Kate Nash is definately in line for that throne but since the category is ‘happy song’ I have to go with Ms. Spektor for this challenge.  Kate has an angst-ridden quirk, whereas Regina’s music makes me feel elated and gives me that warm fuzzy feeling without being all Top 40. 

Better is my song because it makes me feel well…better and happy.  I do giggle at myself though, as this song is a stand-out for me in the ‘misheard lyrics’ category.  I still hear her sing “if I kiss you wearing shorts”.  She clearly sings “if I kiss you where it’s sore”.  Maybe that’s me assuming too much quirk in Regina.

If you like(d) Tori Amos back in the 90’s you will surely like Regina Spektor so give her a listen. 


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