New York State of Mind

Nearly a week ago I was sent into a tailspin while watching CSI:NY.  It is definately my favourite of the CSI franchise, I have a soft spot for Gary Siniese and I like the skyline shots of the city they use as filler.  The beginning of the episode ‘Nothing for Something’ featured a cover of Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York.  There I sat madly googling, and refreshing my go to site looking for the artist, I wonder what happened the rest of the episode?  The song was over before I even had a chance to use the iPhone app Shazam to identify the song.

In my search for the artist I came across another cover of the same song.  Gerry Owens, an irish musician did this cover.

I still wasn’t satisfied with not finding THE cover.  Tunefind hadn’t been updated.  I have no idea why I became so obsessed with finding this song.  Perhaps it’s the hold the city has on me?  I could allude to the ‘adventure’ in the city that Betty refers to in her Beastie-ality post from yesterday, but I won’t, that’s a blog feature for another day.  I will however tell you about another ‘non-musical’ adventure in the city I had last year.  I spent a weekend New York City in November, American Thanksgiving weekend. It was my first time in the city, and it was mesmerizing.  We stayed in a swanky penthouse apartment on the upper east side,  a beautiful view over Columbus and 81st street looking towards the Natural History Museum and Central Park.  The weekend was surreal,  I found the NYC subway system fascinating and running in Central Park was absolutely incredible.  The trip was to be a music/concert going weekend but circumstances beyond my control (damn you Ryan Star)  turned it into a shopping, gourmet food overload weekend.  I can’t complain, the cupcakes were amazing and Lindsay found the sexiest pair of heels I have ever seen.  I’d go back just for the pizza.

So needless to say I fell in love with the city and am eager to spend more time there exploring, but back to the song.  Obsession.  There was only one other time I became so obsessed with finding a song.  DIRT, the raunchy FX network show starring Courtney Cox?  Well they used Ominous Cloud’s Permanent Stain and I can only find it on their myspace page and can’t find a download ANYWHERE.  Still haunts me.  And for the love of god why isn’t that show still on?

I did eventually find the cover of New York, New York.  It’s now in heavy rotation on my iPod.

Digital Daggers.  Haven’t had the time to jump into who they are and what they are about, right now I just like the song.  Share your thoughts on the band or song if you will.


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