Challenge – Song #2

#2 – Least Favourite Song.

Along the same lines as #1 – the song I least like ‘right now’ in this moment.  It’s a song that haunts me.  Haunts me in a earworm type of way.  The Black Eyed Peas ‘I Gotta a Feeling’.  Auto-tune at it’s best, migraine inducing annoyance.  I have nothing good to say about the BEP and my momma always said ‘if you ain’t got nuthin’ good to say, then STFU’.  Well my momma is likely reading this and will likely yell at me for telling the internet world that she swore at me as a child…..let’s just pretend that momma is my real mother’s alter-ego and she is momma to Lila and not Lisa. 

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I can’t be hatin’ on my momma/mom….but both probably like Will.I.AM. and that douche Fergie (oops, inside voice Lila).

Here it is and earworm for your Music Monday.  I cannot fathom giving hits to the actual BEP video so I give you the link to the University of Quebec students one take lip-dub of the song.


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