30 Day Song Challenge

This song challenge has been making it’s way around Facebook so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  I won’t be posting a song a day, but randomly until I have 30 songs completed

#1 – Favourite Song

I can’t pick my all-time favourite song.  If I did it would be All Along the Watchtower and I’d have a hard time deciding if it was Bob Dylan’s orginal or Jimi Hendrix’s cover.  But I’m not picking that at all here and now.  I’m picking my favourite song in this moment, today.  The song that is haunting me at this time is Warpaint’s Billie Holiday.  The song isn’t new, it is from the Exquisite Corpse EP that was released in 2008.  The song is half a cover of Mary Well’s My Guy.  I don’t know if it’s my penchant for Billie Holiday that drew me to the song, or if it’s the haunting spell singing…B.I.L.L.I.E.H.O.L. I.D.A.Y.  The haze that surrounds the song seems to come from the simplistic arrangement and unpretentious guitar.  I love how raw the song is even as the layers keep peeling back as it continues.  It hits me hard at the moment when the I hear the guitar string squeal.  I have a moment every time I hear that squeal in a song, but that will be a blog for another day.  Someday soon you will see “Top Ten Songs with Guitar String Squeal”, that raw orgasmic sound makes my lady parts tingle.
For now have a listen to Billie Holiday by Warpaint.

And because I love this song so much here is a live on the street version, complete with mustache dude holding umbrella.


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